Tuesday, September 1, 2015

EXPLORATION TWO: Our first Blog post

I am Morgan DeWitt, I'm from Marysville, Ohio. I graduated from Marysville High School this year but I moved to Delaware because it's easier to commute to Marion and Columbus from here since it's in the middle. My fun fact was I have two interesting jobs, I'm a radio personality on occasion and I drive the train at the Columbus Zoo. In the summer, I would talk about oldies music on the air almost every morning, but now with school I'm very busy and only do it every once and awhile, but I still love it. I drive the train at the zoo on the weekends and I've really mastered a good wave because if you don't wave at the children in a happy manner, you get fired. My major is environmental policy so I'm hoping after driving the train for awhile, the zoo will hook me up with an internship.

My best friend, Nick and I.
A theme that stuck out to me in Chapter One of The Call To Write, was the writing in the public sphere. It's crazy how much thought and analysis can be put behind graffiti and signs. I thought they were just meant to be artwork, but come to find after reading, they are so much more than that. The Call to Write taught me that a literacy event is how a person puts together readings and writings to make sense of and shape their environment. This blog assignment demonstrated a literacy event because we as students are able to read about each other and form our own classroom environment through reading and writing, we are better understanding each other.

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