Thursday, September 3, 2015

DUB FX Kiaya

After watching the videos I took away from the artist Dub FX that you should always stand for yourself, and even though he is able to take that as far as he wants whereas I have some restrictions that still resonates with me. Because he is an artist and his style gears more towards the "I can say what I want no matter what" crowd he doesn't have any restrictions on his speech, he is also never put in a situation where he would have to watch what he says. For myself I know that there is a limit, when it comes to being around certain people such as the elderly or sergeants of high rank, will always be more cautious of what I say or how I say it. I don't restrict my views or how I feel I just ensure how they come across isn't offensive. I love that Dub FX seems to be as humble as any regular civilian, he doesn't require such high maintenance that others with his fan base might need. He still remembers he is a human and I think that is most important.

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