Thursday, September 24, 2015

Exploration 4: Fresh by Andy Pickard

          One of the main ideas that seemed most important to me was that farms can not be sufficient when using a mono-culture. If I were going to review this film, I would focus on the large amounts of information given and how relevant it is to their cause. For example, every time a farmer tried to make their farm specialized for one product they ran into problems, regardless of if it was animals or plants. Nature does not work with just one thing in the same place. Joel Salatin was talking about how humans need to respect the design of nature, I completely agree because the ecosystem anywhere is a fragile system and too much change can have consequences. Russ Kremer found out the hard way that by using large amounts of medication and antibiotics just makes diseases mutate and grow stronger.
          One theme that I looked into was about GMO's. I found that most people actually don't seem to know much about GMO's, their opinion on them is based on the media and people telling them organic is always better. Studies have shown that certain GMO's are actually safe to eat and have no effect on your health. For example, Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal toxin. It is used as a way to keep bugs away and reduce the use of pesticides on crops. It sounds dangerous but a study has shown that it has no effect on your health.( ).


  1. I agree with your statements about how certain GMOs are safe to eat. Being safe doesn't make it better to eat. People need to eat healthier and the only way to do that is to eat fresh produce. It is not only a matter of safety for us but the inhumane ways we feed and process animals to make eating food cheaper and faster needs to be changed, Animals have less disease and other problems when they are grown up naturally.

  2. I just found it really interesting at how the diseases that are being fought off by antibiotics are mutating and growing stronger all the time. It's an interesting thing that could spark a huge conversation because there are so many different diseases and millions of strands of the diseases. It's wild how much a disease can change in order to become stronger and live through the antibiotic.

  3. I didn't know certain GMO's did nothing to affect your health, I also believed into the media hype, and just thought since they all contained chemicals, they were all bad for you. I wonder though, if these certain chemicals are used in certain amounts, would they become poisinous or hazardous for human consumption?


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