Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploration Three: Literacy Events and Opposing Issues by Brady Hagman

A literacy event that showed me a lot about myself as a student was in my senior year of high school. Every senior had a final project due and the topic was whatever we chose. Choosing a topic was as challenging as the project itself. Finding something that our group could all relate to and care enough about to do a good job was needed to get a good grade. Generally when someone doesn't care about their topic, the final product won't come out as good as it should be. Our group chose to focus on GMO's. GMO's effected all of us in our everyday life and others all over the world. Studying GMO's and how safe they are was a great experience because we knew we were making a difference in the world.

An issue in the book The Call To Write that i enjoyed reading about was evaluation. Evaluation happens everywhere. With out evaluation, everything people do, would be of lesser quality. When someone is being evaluated, they will want to preform at their very best. Evaluation doesn't just happen with people, but with goods and services. When i go shopping i have to evaluate the prices and the quality of the products i am looking at. With out evaluation skills, i could be getting the wrong things every time i shop. Having an opinion on things come from evaluation. We make these opinions off of what we see.

A state issue that really sticks out to me is the legalization of marijuana. This has been a huge debate in our generation. I believe marijuana should be legalized for many reasons. The main reason is our debt as a country. The debt will never stop increasing if we stay on the same path. Something needs to change and the answer is right in front of us. Selling marijuana in colorado has become a huge industry. The state has gained millions of dollars off of taxes. People will smoke marijuana if it is legal or not. It doesn't make sense to not make money off of it. All the money is going to criminals instead of a business man or woman with a family. Marijuana is not just for recreational, but medicinal as well. This can be a cure for thousands of people struggling with rare diseases or disorders. Legalization doesn't just solve problems for sick people and the economy, but it helps with the overflowing jails. People are being put in jail for selling marijuana. Those people are being put next to murderers and rapists. Police forces have a lot more to worry about than the drug dealer down the street. People need to get over this fear of change and embrace the many benefits that will come with legalization.


  1. Wow! I agree that the main reason we should legalize marijuana is to lower the total debt of the country. It might work too, if more people were open-minded to the issue.

  2. I completely agree with the idea that recreational marijuana should be legalized, especially for its ability to stimulate the economy. But I also believe that marijuana has such a negative connotation associated with it that in order to legalize it for recreational use, we need to legalize its medical use first and finally show that it is not a dangerous drug.

  3. I disagree with your point on legalizing marijuana, I think it is a great idea from an economic standpoint and maybe for certain medical reasons, but I don't think that the everyday person needs to be smoking marijuana when it slows the reaction time of a person as does alcohol. If marijuana is legalized it could cause more harm on the roads because of delayed reaction times and I think that risking the lives of the citizens isn't worth the economic benefits.


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