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Exploration Two : Our First Blog Post

My name is Travis. I graduated from Olentangy Liberty Highschool in Powell Ohio. I played soccer for the patriots for 4 years. My sophomore year we won the division one state championship and my senior year we lost in the state finals. I am living at home this year so i have to make a drive up to marion everyday, but the drive isn't too bad. My fun fact was that i am allergic to eggs, dairy, and peanuts. Its hard because I'm allergic to basically everything. I don't know what i am missing out on because i have been this way ever since i was born.

In chapter one of The Call to Write, what truly stuck out to me and what stayed with me is how writing can truly open up your mind to a whole new level. Writing will take your thoughts and make them deeper and more creative than verbally saying them or just keeping your thoughts in your head. I myself am not much of a writer but this shows me the value that can really come from it. Writing surrounds you in everyday life. I believe reading and writing is one of the most powerful things you can learn. Apparently Fredricks owner believed that to be true as well, slaves were never taught to read or write so their intelligence was very poor. The owner knew that the more educated you are the more powerful you can become. this is why he was so furious when he found out his wife had been teaching Fredrick how to read and write. I too believe that knowledge is power.

Exploration Two: Our First Blog Post

Exploration Two: Our First Blog Post

My name is John, and I graduated from Ramstein High School in Germany. My parents are in the military, so they still reside in Germany, but I'm currently staying in at the Annex. My dad's side of the family lives in Dayton though, so it's not too far from here. My fun fact was that I lived in Germany for 4 years, but while in Germany though, I played basketball for my highschool for 3 years. We got to travel to Weisbaden and The Black Forest for the Winter Tourney & European Championships. We won the European Championships this year, but placed 3rd in the Winter Tourney; it was an amazing experience though.
My Mom & I in Prague.

The sample reading about the Olympics caught my attention the most. I was caught off guard because I didn't expect such a prestigious event to have so many problems. I thought the theme was going to be about persistence and glory, but the struggles and difficulties the world overcame with the games really surprised me. This chapter I learned that writing affects the world and society even after the events transcribed occur, so this reading demonstrated how the world eventually figured out how to move past their differences and continue the games, because people read and saw things that were happening.

Exploration Two: Our first Blog post-Jack Ryan

Hi, my name is Jack Ryan, I'm 18 years old and a student a OSU Marion.  I graduated from Olentangy Orange and currently live in Galena.  In class my fun fact was that I want to become a police officer.  Many people ask me why I want to go in to that line of work. Honestly I don't know why I just know its something I need to do.  So respectively I'm majoring in criminology.  I am also active in a explorers program at the Delaware County Sheriffs Office.

My team and I at a Explores Competition

In chapter 1 of The Call to Write what stuck out to me the most was the "in the office" section.  In this section they had a list of emails written by and to the director of FEMA back during the hurricane Katrina.  What was interesting to me was how most of the emails did not involve how they were going to help the disaster, but instead talking about how they should 'roll up there sleeves to look like they are working harder."  In this case their reason for writing was to let each other know the best way they can appear to the public to envelop a sense of confidence  in them.  Because of my involvement with law enforcement I understand the importance of not only effectively completing the task assigned.  But that keeping up a professional appearance is just as important.                                                 

Exploration Two: Our First Blog Post by Andy Pickard

          My name is Andy Pickard. I graduated from Olentangy Liberty High School in Powell. I live a mile away from the Columbus zoo originally but I am staying at the Annex this year. I played soccer from first grade until sophomore year, and also snowboard on occasion. A few fun facts about me is that I get free Dr Pepper because my dad works for the company. Also I have had four concussions three while snowboarding and one while playing soccer. I was going to header a ball but the keeper decided he wanted it so he kneed me in the face to get it. I still scored so I guess I won the challenge.

            The reading that stuck out the most to me was the story about Frederick Douglass. The resilience shown by Frederick Douglass is incredible, how he can manage to become literate despite the struggle of hatred against him and pure racism shown. He really showed that if you set your mind to a goal you can accomplish anything regardless of how hard some people may try to stop you. I saw the determination shown by Fredrick Douglass in Will Allen as well, they both had all odds against them yet managed to be successful. I learned that writing is much more than people think. Writing gives people the power to learn and to become well-spoken, so in this instance reading and writing give Frederick Douglass the capability to be seen more as property and as an actual intelligent person.

Exploration Two: Our first Blog post By Brandon Smith

Hello, my name is Brandon Smith and I am 18 years old. I attended Highland High School which is located in Marengo, Ohio. It is a small high school and was basically in the middle of nowhere. I enjoyed the slim class sizes because it gave me a chance to get to know everyone in the school very well. I like to hunt, fish, golf, and play baseball. I played golf on my high school team and we set the record for lowest score by a foursome in school history. Something that is interesting about me is that I have never broken a bone, but I am very liable to illness because of my suppressed immune system.

One of the readings where some things stood out to me was from the, Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas. I was interested in the fact that the slave owner, who at the time owned Fredrick Douglas, was so against his slaves to learn to read and write. He said that he would have to harm them in some way or another if they ever learned to read and write. The literacy event that I see in the piece of writing is showing the reader how much reading and writing can display the intellect of a person and how much it can help that person equal to or better than his/her constituents. Being able to read and write can change the perception that society has on someone. In Fredrick Douglas' case, if he learned to write than he would be too closely related to the white people and that was not okay with the white folks at the time. I think the views of the slave owner were very interesting because you wouldn't normally think that writing could make someone superior but in this case it made the white people superior in their minds.

Exploration Two: Our first blog post from Natalee Christman

My name is Natalee Christman and I am currently a freshman at Ohio State-Marion. As of now my intended major is journalism in hopes of being a TV reporter once I graduate. I graduated in 2015 from Dublin Jerome. In high school I played Basketball and Softball all four years. My fun fact was that I hope to work for ESPN one day as a reporter. At ESPN I hope to be on college game day because, my favorite sport is college football.  I also enjoy hanging out with my family and friends in my free time. I also love to travel to new places. This past year I traveled to New York City for the first time. I enjoyed my trip to New York because it was nothing like anything I had seen before. I definitely plan on going back!
The photo above is my best friends and I after graduation 
The reading that stood out the most to me was The Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass. This reading stood out to me the most because I thought that the meaning behind it was strong. The moral of the writing is that people are often fueled by the hatred of others. Also when people are told that they cannot do something they often find themselves  more determined to prove that person wrong. In the excerpt Fredrick Douglass did not allow his master to influence him that it was wrong for him to learn to read and write. Instead Douglass took his master's words as an incentive to learn. In this chapter from a Call to Write I learned that we write in everyday life and that often writings can be personal but, they are often connected to larger events. For example from The Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass was writing about the time that he was scolded by his master for learning to read and write. This writing can be connected back to the civil war which is larger social event, because during this time it was not acceptable for a slave to learn such skills. 

Exploration Two: Our First Blog Post - Nick Reed

Hey everyone,

My name is Nick Reed and I'm from Marysville and graduated Marysville High School and am currently majoring in Business- undecided. I took part in many different things throughout high school which include three years of Spanish language courses, three years of marching band, one year of combo (show choir live band), two years of jazz band, where I played trombone in all three clubs. Along with trombone, I can play three more instruments (four in total) being the guitar, piano, and trumpet. I took a break from all of these things my senior year and focused more on random classes that would allow me to find what I was passionate about that I could develop a solid career out of which turned out to be business! Family is also very important to me. I have only one sibling, an older brother, and we grew up as a tight-knit,little family of four, that really didn't have time to grow apart, so we stayed close.

My brother and I the day of his graduation (2013)
My mom and I the day of my graduation (2015)

Something that stood out to me in the textbook was how often we see literature or writing in our everyday life. It's so plentiful and constant that we almost take it for granted and not  think twice about it or like it's just there and it always has been so we don't really think about it or acknowledge it. But much like the writings in the book, the writing and literature we see in everyday life is represented efficiently through the events that occur around us. Whether it be campaign posters or a billboard advertisement that's preaching about the latest apple product every sign or symbol is a reflection of events that are going on in our society, much like how literature explains events in a time different from ours or from a perspective that we might not have though of before.

Expolraton Two: My first blog post

Hello, I'm Jared Gandelot. I am from Cardington. I ran cross country and track all through high school. This past track season I started as a distance runner but ended the season as a sprinter and the best long jumper. In other words our team wasn't that great. Joking aside, running has played a big role in my life and has made me in to the young man I am today. I was also involved in the Cardington FFA. During my involvement I showed animals at the fair, attended state convention and traveled to Orlando, FL and Chicago, IL. My fun fact is that my favorite place to go on vacation to is "The Windy City", Chicago. I have been there three times and each time I had a uniquely wonderful experience.
Here I am at Willis Tower's Skydeck hovering over the city.
In chapter one of The Call to Write we learn how writing as well as reading can change peoples lives for the better. In the excerpt from Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass we learn how reading and writing can be freeing not only in a metaphoric since but also a literal one. It allowed him to learn much more than Mr. Auld wanted him to learn. Writing gave him incite into the world around him that he wouldn't have learned any other way. Through the chapter we learn how writing allows you to define yourself and better understand the world around you.

Exploration Two: Our first Blog post by Catelyn Millet

My name is Catelyn Millet. I graduated from Hayes High School. During high school I participated in orchestra, choir, and track. I threw discus and shot put. I have four siblings, an older sister, Mandy, an older brother, Cole, and two younger sisters, Ashley and Blair. This is my first year at OSU Marion. I plan on transferring to main campus next year. My area of study is Respiratory Therapy. I enjoy singing and spending time with my family and friends. My dad works at an airport so I get to fly for free. I would love to travel to Italy and California.

One idea that really stuck out to me in Chapter One was that we use multiple types of writing in everyday life. I never really thought of it that way. Taking notes, writing letters, typing a paper, texting, these are all types of ways that we use writing everyday. I also learned that literacy events can happen in multiple places: home, work, school. Depending on where we are, shows what type of writing we will or can use. As long as we are able to write, we will use some type or multiple types of writing each and everyday.
My sisters and I at camp this past Summer.

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Exploration two Our First Blog post

Hello everyone, My name is Mason DeJarnette I am 18 years old. I am from Marysville, Ohio and i will be majoring in business with the specialization of marketing. With this degree i plan on getting a job in the outdoor industry through any company. I am currently working at a greenhouse in Marysville where i have been working for the last two years. In 2012 I won the Ohio Junior Bass Federation championship where i moved onto northern division in Savannah, Illinois.

One theme that stood out to me was the gallery of signs. I have always been more of a visual learner and hands on kind of person so this section naturally caught my attention. I learned that you can decipher more out of a visual image than what initially comes to mind. This part comes into effect in the meme about Hunter Pence, there is a back story to this sign which some people do not conceive at first. With there being backstories to each of the signs each individual can percieve the sign in a different way. Where as someone may just see the sign and just take in what it says without any thought onto why its there or what is the reason there even is a sign. Signs can be perceived in many different ways but the level of depth is all based upon the reader.

Exploration Two: Our first blog post by Darrin Warwick

     Hello everyone my name is Darrin Warwick and I will be thirty years old this year.  I have two kids a boy and a girl.  My daughter is the oldest her name is Gemma and my son's name is Hunter.  Gemma is five and started kindergarten this year and Hunter is two he still has a little while before he goes to school. I am a sports fanatic and love to attend all types of sporting events.  I bought tickets for opening day of the St. Louis Rams season which is September 13th I am excited to go to that.  I am also the VA student advocate for the Marion campus so if you have ideas or questions that could help veterans around campus I am always available to listen.  I am also into music I enjoy listening to rock but mostly the heavier music.  One of my favorite bands is called The Acacia Strain they are a classified as deathcore even though they hate that title.
     One event that stood out to me was the narrative about Fredrick Douglass.  This writing shows a literacy event because Fredrick was talking about his time as a slave and how he escaped.  It put you in his shoes and showed how hard it was for slaves and gave you inside view of what they were thinking at the time of slavery.  I learned that literacy events give us a way to think about how reading and writing enter our lives and shape our interactions with other people. 

Exploration Two: Our first Blog Post

     Hello Everyone! My name is Tanner Hale and I am from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I graduated from Marion Harding High School in 2014. I am currently in my second year here at Ohio State and I am a Political Science as well as an economics major. Along with my two majors, I am pre-law and I plan on attending law school (hopefully at the Ohio State University) to get my law degree and be the elected county prosecutor. I have held a job at Speedway since being in college. I played football, basketball, cross country and track, where my personal record in the mile in track is a 4:56. I am currently training for the October 18th, 2015 Columbus Marathon. I lettered in both track and cross country in high school.
     I am the youngest Republican candidate in the state of Ohio running for public office. I am running for Marion City Council in the 3rd ward in the city of Marion and I am enjoying the campaign! I am the youngest candidate to have ever run in the history of Marion County, as well as being the youngest in history to be elected to Marion County Republican Central Committee at the age of 18. I currently am very involved with college politics, currently serving as the Chairman of the Marion College Republicans and the Marion County Chair for the Harding Area Young Republicans group.  I was nominated unanimously to be the Marion County Republican of the month for March 2015 and I currently am the Marion County Campaign Manager for Tom Whiston's 87th Ohio House district race for the March primary.
     After reading Chapter 1 of the Call to Write, a few things stood out to me. The main thing that was derived from the Chapter was mostly the prevalence of writing and reading, which showed me in particular how amazing literature can be. People tend to express what is in their hearts and souls through literature and a can become attached to reading and writing not necessarily from the context of literature, but that they draw a personal connection or find some relatability in the piece. I think that the Call to Write was an excellent way to establish the textbook, because people generally think that writing is just something we see and do, but in all reality is a pathway to express emotions and feelings.
     I look forward to a great semester with all of you! :)

Myself with United States Senator Rob Portman at the 2015 Ohio Republican Party State Dinner in Columbus

Exploration Two: Get to Know Me- Jireh White

Hello everyone my name is Jireh White. I am from Sunbury, Ohio and I went to Big Walnut High School. I am a freshman biology major and interested in becoming a veterinarian. Over the past couple years I have interned and worked at a few local vet clinics in my area. Currently, I  work as a veterinary assistant at an animal hospital in Delaware. My fun fact in class was that my favorite print is camo. Something that you should know about me is that I was raised by two moms. My two moms are my best friends and they have taught me everything I know. Even though I was raised by two moms I still have a very close relationship with my dad. The picture at the bottom shows my mom (on the left), my dad, me, and my other mom (Robyne) at my high school graduation.

One idea that stood out to me was that we use writing in everyday life to express ideas more clearly than we could do out loud. This stood out to me because I like to write and it is true that writing gives you more freedom to say what you want to say. Also, when you write it gives you a chance to expand your vocabulary and learn how to put new words in proper context. Another point that also stood out to me is that we also use writing in ways as simple as a grocery list. This is significant because that is the most basic and informal way of writing but it still gets your thoughts organized and serves the purpose you need it to.

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Exploration 2: My First Blog Post from Rachel Hopper

     My name is Rachel Hopper and I am starting my second year of college as a junior.  I grew up here in Marion and went to Pleasant High School.  I have been involved in bands, choirs, plays and musicals since the 5th grade.  I was also a cheerleader in high school along with playing volleyball and softball.  I was born in North Carolina while my father was stationed at Fort Bragg.  I came back to Ohio right before I had to start school.  We came to Ohio because this was where my family was from.  My major is Pharmacy.  I've always wanted to work in a hospital setting.  I volunteer at Marion General Hospital for two years and that was when I discovered that I enjoyed helping people in that setting.  The picture of me below is from this summer when I worked for the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir.  I was a 2 year alum of the choir and this year I was asked to be on staff.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever had.  I hope I get the chance to do it again in the future.
     One idea that stood out to me was that each discipline has its own literacy.  I am a more of a chemistry and biology oriented person, so most of the time I write up lab narratives and lab reports.  I never really considered that writing until now.  I have to communicate what I do in the lab to others, like my professor and other students. Communicating through that documentation is key in that field.  Learning how to write is crucial no matter what discipline you find yourself in.

Thanks for reading!

Rachel Hopper
This is me at the State Fair on staff this past summer.

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Exploration Two: First Blog Post from Ruksana Kabealo

Hi, everyone! My name is Ruksana Kabealo. I grew up in the middle of ten acres of woodlands on the outskirts of Marysville, Ohio. I've lived in the same place my entire life. I was homeschooled from kindergarden through junior year of highschool, and am currently in my senior year of highschool. Attending OSU at Marion is my first time in a social environment that doesn't consist primarily of family, as well as my first time experiencing a classroom environment in any form. Other things: I consider myself a lover of all things music, an artist, an idealist, and, above anything else, a work in progress. 

My sister and I posing in front of a hut we built 
When I read Chapter One of The Call to Write, the reading from "Just Girls: Hidden Literacies and Life in Junior High" by Margaret J. Finders struck me as the most interesting. The main idea that caught my attention from this reading was the notion of readers expanding on existing writing through their interactions with it. The focus of Finder's reading wasn't just the yearbooks themselves, it was the content the students created within the books. Every signature, piece of graffiti, message, pop-culture reference, and quote added to a yearbook is its own writing, each with its own intended audience, purpose, and "call to write". The yearbooks, previously identical, become differentiated by the added content within, and as a result each yearbook tells a different story.

In this chapter I learned about literacy events. A literacy event occurs when a specific encounter with reading and writing shapes our experiences and interactions with the people around us. In Finder's reading, the students' interactions with their yearbooks demonstrates a literacy event because the students' social standings both affect and are affected by their yearbooks. For example, Finder describes how students refuse to sign the yearbooks of others with a perceived lower social standing. However, they can also be relegated to a lower social standing if they write a message others deem inappropriate.

Exploration Two: First blog post By Jessica Stafford

     Hi my name is Jessica Stafford. I grew up in Wichita, Ks where I lived for twelve years before moving to Austin, TX where I lived for three years before moving to Columbus, Oh. I went to Olentangy High school and played Basketball all four years. A few fun facts about me are that I have played Basketball for eleven years and I have had three brain surgeries after being born with a brain tumor. After my third surgery I realized that I was going to major in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and became an Occupational therapist to help people who have undergone the surgeries that I did.
     The theme that stood out to me in chapter one of The Call to Write was the idea that writing truly is important in our everyday lives. The way the chapter provides several different examples of when we use writing really allows you to see how important the skill of writing is. I never paid much attention to its importance but this chapter allowed me to see that as it demonstrated how we use writing for papers that we are required to write but also for things as simple as a grocery list.

My family and I after my high school graduation.

Exploration Two: My First Blog Post from Brianna

        My name is Brianna Moore, I am from Mt. Victory, Ohio. I graduated from Ridgemont high school. My fun fact was that I have been running 10-15 miles a week since I was 12 years old, I got started running because my dad was always running marathons and I grew up around the atmosphere. I remember always being a spectator of the sport before I started running. I ran track in high school and I was the only distance runner on our track team! I was the only person crazy enough to even want to attempt running the 2 mile.  I am a huge Ohio State football fan, I love spending time with my family, listening to music and playing with my Siberian husky Harvey.

My best friends and I at graduation. From lest to right Tori Gaukin,
 Tyler Tripplett, Brianna Moore, and Derek Preston. 

When I started reading chapter one of The Call to Write I realized that writing is everywhere.
The writing that I found interesting and that I thought was kind of unfair was Petitioning the Power by Russell Kim. I thought it was interesting because the characters did something as simple as using their first amendment rights, and they were told not to do this. As human beings their times where people have been denied rights and denied their freedoms, it also showed how easily offended people are. Writing is used to express how you feel without having to talk to people. When we are writing we can say things that we normally wouldn't say.

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Welcome from Mike Lohre

Hello students and you will have a handout to guide you through this first blog post for Exploration Two.

We hope to use this interface to really read and write in a medium that is popular and allows us to use media and technology to express ourselves,  and also explore and share ideas.

Have fun and you'll hear a lot of stories from me this semester so I won't say much here, but I will say I"ve been married for going on 4 years now to my wife Irene, and here's a photo of us.  My wife's name is Irene and she works at Willow Brook in Delaware and really loves to garden and care for the elderly. 

See you soon on this blog!


My wife Irene and I last Easter after a yummy dinner.