Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome from Mike Lohre

Hello students and you will have a handout to guide you through this first blog post for Exploration Two.

We hope to use this interface to really read and write in a medium that is popular and allows us to use media and technology to express ourselves,  and also explore and share ideas.

Have fun and you'll hear a lot of stories from me this semester so I won't say much here, but I will say I"ve been married for going on 4 years now to my wife Irene, and here's a photo of us.  My wife's name is Irene and she works at Willow Brook in Delaware and really loves to garden and care for the elderly. 

See you soon on this blog!


My wife Irene and I last Easter after a yummy dinner.


  1. Hi, my name is Charles Jones but everyone calls me Chas. I am from Powell Ohio and attended Olentangy Liberty highschool. I played baseball all throughout highschool but I enjoy golfing and fishing also. I am a huge OSU football fan. As of now I am engineering undecided but I am interested in mechanical and welding engineering.
    The theme that stood out to me in the first chapter of the reading was how writing is such a big part of our daily lives. Such as text messages, emails, notes and so forth but I never really thought of that as writing. I always thought of writing as something that my teachers forced me to do, thinking that I would never need to do this later in life. Now that I am in college and starting to see the bigger picture, I understand how writing is imperative in our everyday lives.

  2. I have always liked reading and writing on my own but not always in a class. Typically I just tolerated English classes because I got to read interesting books and write about them. Reading and writing on demand like that is hard for me. I also feel like I am efficient with my words to the point where I feel like I don't write enough but then I don't know what else to say without sounding redundant. This class so far does not seem that way at all. Going to this class this week has made me excited to see what all we can do this semester!


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