Monday, August 31, 2015

Exploration Two : Our First Blog Post

My name is Travis. I graduated from Olentangy Liberty Highschool in Powell Ohio. I played soccer for the patriots for 4 years. My sophomore year we won the division one state championship and my senior year we lost in the state finals. I am living at home this year so i have to make a drive up to marion everyday, but the drive isn't too bad. My fun fact was that i am allergic to eggs, dairy, and peanuts. Its hard because I'm allergic to basically everything. I don't know what i am missing out on because i have been this way ever since i was born.

In chapter one of The Call to Write, what truly stuck out to me and what stayed with me is how writing can truly open up your mind to a whole new level. Writing will take your thoughts and make them deeper and more creative than verbally saying them or just keeping your thoughts in your head. I myself am not much of a writer but this shows me the value that can really come from it. Writing surrounds you in everyday life. I believe reading and writing is one of the most powerful things you can learn. Apparently Fredricks owner believed that to be true as well, slaves were never taught to read or write so their intelligence was very poor. The owner knew that the more educated you are the more powerful you can become. this is why he was so furious when he found out his wife had been teaching Fredrick how to read and write. I too believe that knowledge is power.


  1. I too am not that much of a writer but between The Call to Write and what Mr. Lohre told us about how writing is deeper than words, I feel as if I may have missed out on the opportunities I have had in the past to write information down. I have realized recently in my own life that having a journal can help you savor every memory but writing down what happened at night. Once you have it written down, you can look back at it later in life and not miss a single detail. It's something amazing that you can use to your advantage.

  2. I like the perspective of reading and writing that you take on. Writing things down will bring out thoughts that you would never have. What we write, turns into a piece of history that people can learn from. Reading expands our thoughts and opens us up to new and better ideas we would've never had.


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