Sunday, August 30, 2015

Exploration Two: Our first blog post by Darrin Warwick

     Hello everyone my name is Darrin Warwick and I will be thirty years old this year.  I have two kids a boy and a girl.  My daughter is the oldest her name is Gemma and my son's name is Hunter.  Gemma is five and started kindergarten this year and Hunter is two he still has a little while before he goes to school. I am a sports fanatic and love to attend all types of sporting events.  I bought tickets for opening day of the St. Louis Rams season which is September 13th I am excited to go to that.  I am also the VA student advocate for the Marion campus so if you have ideas or questions that could help veterans around campus I am always available to listen.  I am also into music I enjoy listening to rock but mostly the heavier music.  One of my favorite bands is called The Acacia Strain they are a classified as deathcore even though they hate that title.
     One event that stood out to me was the narrative about Fredrick Douglass.  This writing shows a literacy event because Fredrick was talking about his time as a slave and how he escaped.  It put you in his shoes and showed how hard it was for slaves and gave you inside view of what they were thinking at the time of slavery.  I learned that literacy events give us a way to think about how reading and writing enter our lives and shape our interactions with other people. 

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