Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Exploration Two: Our First Blog by Alan Brophy

Hello all, my name is Alan Brophy. I am 18 years of age and as you all may already know I am a passionate soccer player. I am a goalkeeper and I enjoy going out to an open space and juggling a soccer ball. Sometimes I will go to a field with nets and practice shooting or I'll have someone come with me to take shots at me. I really began to dedicate myself to soccer three years ago when a fellow teammate, who was a four year Letterman for my high school, showed me what I should aspire to be. Joey was the keeper I wanted to be after tryouts my freshman year, but I did not reach out for help until the start of my sophomore year. During the spring of my sophomore year I joined the club team called Santos FC. I learned a lot in the three years of playing with them. I also became a very talented goalkeeper, but I could not pursue my soccer career because I want to be an engineer. Yet I am a very passionate goalkeeper so I will never stop playing soccer.

Me taking an off-sides kick at a Varsity Soccer game my Senior year
In chapter two of A Call to Write I learned that to understand someone's reasons for writing it is best to summarize the reading. Summarizing the reading can help open up all the details to the one summarizing the reading. I learned about how to grasp the writer's strategy through summary and by picking apart the reading. The chapter demonstrated this in "Kill the Pirates," where the book underlined the text and annotated on the side of the work, which is a form of note taking for summarizing text. I think this chapter will help us understand how to take apart a piece of literature so that we can completely understand what is happening in the work.

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