Saturday, September 5, 2015

Exploration three: Literacy events and opposing issues By Jessica Stafford

     One recent literacy event that taught me something important was when I volunteered in the surgery department at Dublin Methodist hospital. Through this experience, I improved my communication skills as I was required to work with several patients and their families. But I also got to see several different patients in different conditions which allowed me to see the types of patients I will be working with in my future career and how I will need to assist them.
     Issues of evaluation propose questions on different subjects that allow for conflicting views on the issue. Basically, issues of evaluation are the realization that there are two schools of thought. For example, what career is best for you? Will it pay enough? Is there a high demand for this career?
     One of the issues that is most important to me as a young citizen is college tuition. This issue is a problem throughout the entire country. Tuition is increasing and many people find it hard to pay the required fees and, therefore, do not attend college. Colleges should be trying to provide programs that allow more people to have access to an affordable degree since many employers are requiring a college degree for many types of jobs.  Another issue is the search for careers. As college students leave college, there is an uncertainty that they will even be accepted into the career that they desire. If there are fewer positions available in the field they studied, they may be required to search for other options besides their desired career.

Graduates must quickly find a career following graduation in order to repay their college debt.

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