Thursday, September 24, 2015

Exploration 4: Fresh Response by Brady Hagman

While watching the movie fresh, the stuff that really hits me is the industrial techniques for producing food. This country is obsessed with being cheap, fast, and convenient. We have gotten away from the fresh and healthy standards that everyone enjoys. The industry of agriculture has changed to fit the qualities of society such as the fastest way, cheapest option and most convenient. People aren't getting the healthy nutrients that they need. Kids are growing up eating processed food every day. The film was very good at showing the disgusting and immoral strategies to produce food. The movie Fresh did not try to hide anything and it really hits hard when you see animals being treated so poorly. The movie also did a great job showing the real farmers making a difference to change the industry of farming for the better. Ana Sophia Jones also did a good job showing some of Will Allen's new and improved farming methods. I think that also ties into the weakness of the movie. Will Allen should've been a greater part of the movie. Everyone can learn so much from him but we only got a glimpse of what he is doing.

John Salatin said " Treat the herbivores right and everything else will fall into place". Most companies are feeding cows dead cows and other feed made up of GMOs. John makes a great argument in saying cows are better off eating grass like they are suppose to. Feeding animals GMOs only makes things worse. A cool fact about animals being on farms, helps fertilize the land with their manure. Animals manure in factories turn into pollution because there is no use for it. That is just another reason why the natural approach is better.

I did a project on GMOs in high school so i am interested to see how they come into play on the big business scale. has some great information on the basics of GMOs. Studies show that the majority of North Americans do not want to eat genetically modified organisms. A study in 2009 shows that 93% of soy, 93% of cotton and 86% of corn grown in the USA were genetically modified.


  1. I agree that the industry has become obssessed with creating fast, cheap food but it makes me wonder if they have been drove to do that. I grew up on a farm so a lot of times I didn't have to go to the grocery store to get my fruits and vegatables. Instead I woke up picked the crops then usually ate the same crops for dinner that evening. If only a few companies are providing us with food then they have to be fast to keep up with the demand. So I wonder if its more about keeping up with the demand than it is about being cheap and unhealthy. One thing I do 100% agree with is that at the end of the day the industry, along with many others, just want to make money.

  2. I agree because I wrote about a very similar topic. I also believe that we need to get back to fresh and healthy standards. I think if more people would watch this video they would agree with us on how we need to become healthier and more organic.


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