Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploration three: Literacy events and opposing issues From Natalee Christman

One literacy event that I have learned from is being in an anthropology class. When I signed up to take the class I really did not know what anthropology consisted of. I thought that anthropology was just a store. Through this class I have learned what anthropology consists of by reading the readings that the teacher gives out and just by listening in class. I have learned that anthropology is the study of different cultures all across the world. The skill that I have learned is that I will be able to effectively study for my anthropology course asnd it helps me become less judgemntal of those around me.
The most important issue that stands out to me is the issues of evaluation. The definition from the book for issues of evaluation is questions about whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable, effective or ineffective, valuable or worthless. This is the most important of the issues that were stated in the book. The reason why I believe this is the most effective is because people use this issue in every aspect of daily life.
The issue that is most pressing to me is the inequality between men women in the work place. I do not believe that it is fair that the man gets paid more for the same job that a women does. This issue is important to me because one I am a woman and two I am looking to go in to a field that is mostly men. The type of issue it is an issue of policy because there is a law that states equal rights for all but,  woman get paid less than it is not equal. So that makes equality in the country not true.
The photo above is showing how men are often paid more than women


  1. I agree with your stance on your issue. Even if it was the other way around and women were getting paid more I would still disagree with the issue. I believe this boils down to how men were always perceived as superior in the past. I have no doubt that we have made progress since back then but I believe that more progress and equality needs to be made.

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  3. I completely agree that there shouldn’t be any discrepancy in the pay rates between the genders. I also wanted to bring up one of the most important parts of the gender-pay issue: how race factors into it. We all know women make 78 cents for every 1 dollar made by men, but what’s often overlooked is that this statistic is only valid for white women as compared to white men. If you factor it across the races, the gap gets much bigger[1].

    On average, for every dollar made by a white man:

    • Hispanic women make 54 cents
    • African-American women make 64 cents
    • Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian women make 65 cents
    • American Indian/Alaskan women make 59 cents


    [1] Leber, Rebecca “The Gender Pay Gap Is Bad. The Gender Pay Gap For Women Of Color Is Even Worse.” Newrepublic, 14 April, 2015. Web. 9 September 2015.


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