Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploration Three: Literacy Event

The biggest literacy event that has impacted my life so far was when I got a job at Chili's. I had to apply and eventually learn how to work and effectively communicate with my coworkers and the guests. At this job, I also had to manage time wisely; being a host, I had to make sure all the guest on the wait were sat in a timely and professional fashion, so I honed my communication skills, in order to let them know exactly what was going on.
The issue that stood out the most to me, was the issues on policy. According to the book, issues of policy are questions about what we should do and how we should implement our aims. Policy deals more with how we handle and address issues, the most easily recognizable issue on policy is the U.S.'s policy on marijuana.
To me, the state issue on legalizing marijuana is most important to me. It's important to me because if all of the states took after Colorado, and legalized it, putting a subsidized tax on the product, our country would be debt-free in no time. Colorado by itself made $70 million on marijuana sales and taxes. If we multiply that by 50, $3.5 billion becomes the potential amount of money to be made. Compared to the U.S.'s total debt of $18.2 trillion, that's making a huge dent in one year. Many people differ on legalizing marijuana because they think too many people abuse the drug so it wouldn't lead to good social decisions, but little do they know, whether they legalize it or not, people are still going to use the drug, so they might as well make some money off of it. People also differ on this issue because it's a major change, and people are known to shy away from change at first. I personally think we should go ahead and legalize it, get the government making money, cut out the  gangs and slowly but surely become debt-free again. If someone knows the dangers of marijuana and still decides they want to try it, that's their decision, so we shouldn't punish or penalize them for abusing their own body.


  1. I agree with you that marijuana should be legalized. I also see the potential benefits that will come with decriminalizing it. Most arguments for legalization are about the economy and the safety concerns. A big argument that really intrigues me has to do with criminals. Many people are thrown into jail for selling marijuana and put next to murderers and rapists. Prisons all around America are over crowded and people are paying taxes to take care of these prisoners. The amount of time the police work on drug dealers is ridiculous considering the many more meaningful crimes happening.

  2. i agree that the united states should go ahead and legalize marijuana. People are going to do it whether its legal or not so why not make money off of it. Legalizing the drug will get rid of a bunch people who deal the drug.

  3. In a perfect world I could believe that this would work. However I don't fully believe that all the money gathered from that tax would be put towards the national debt. Think of all the things that we get taxed on and the amount of money that adds up to. I don't feel that marijuana alone could put a true dent in the countries debt.

  4. I agree with the last sentence about how they shoudnt penalize somebody thats willing to do that at their own risk. I dont think its the goverements place to make personal decisions regarding one's health.


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