Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Exploration Two: by Brady Hagman

         My name is Brady Hagman. I graduated from Olentangy Liberty high school and played soccer for 4 years. It was some of the best times of my life. We won the state championship my sophomore year but we lost in the finals in my freshman and senior year. I have a twin brother who is playing soccer at Hope College in Michigan. I grew up playing soccer but my favorite sport to watch is college football. I was never that big of a fan until Urban Meyer came and turned around the 6-7 team to a 12-0 team. After that year i fell in love with the game. I will be at every home game this year in the student section watching our 2015 national championship campaign. I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel the world ever since i was a toddler. I have been out of the country three times. I traveled to Mexico twice and Europe once. I enjoyed our last trip to Cancun the most because it was our last family vacation for a while.

         Frederick Douglass was a slave that found the inspiration to read and write. His owner's wife would teach him but when his owner found out he was very distraught. He did not want his slaves to be educated and have skills that will help them be successful in life. Frederick Douglass shows an immense amount of courage and dedication when he decided to learn against his owners wishes. His attitude towards reading and writing should be an example to everyone when they want something. Knowledge is power. With knowledge he can break away from being a slave and try to start a life for himself.

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  1. i agree that knowledge is power. that is why his owner was furious when he finds out his wife is teaching the slave to read and write


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