Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Exploration 4-Jack ryan

What stuck out to me the most was the affect of separating plants from the animals.  They said that in the wild the plants create a wonderful cycle if the plants feeding the animals and the animals feeding the plants.  When the animals are concentrated in a large area their manure that would normally be a blessing for the plants, turns into a a highly toxic substance that is high in disease and other harmful chemicals.  Another fact that I found interesting was that of all the food that is grown only 30% actually goes to humans.  The reaming 70% goes to producing the feed for livestock.  I found this rather amazing considering that they are all about trying to feed the entire world with the most effective way possible.
    One of the main themes in the film was the farmers questioning whether or not they should sprat their crops with pesticides.  So i was curious to find out what are some side effects on humans from pesticides.  According to the CCOHS pesticides can cause a range of problems spanning from headache and dizziness.  All the way to unconsciousness and death.


  1. The effects of pesticides on human health was something I wondered about as well. One of the things that struck me from the film was the scene where they were showing farmers spreading poultry litter that had human health warning labels on the packaging. It's astounding that we give known poisonous material to animals, and not just because of the moral conflict. In the end, we're the ones eating the animals. It seems nearsighted to give animals poisonous materials, without any consideration of whether/how that poison could hurt the consumers.

  2. I agree with both you and Ruksana, the use of pesticides is not something to be ignored. A lot of time farmers admitted in the video that pesticides did not even help their crops and it was a waste of money. Why even take the chance of wasting to much money to pesticides when they also hurt the environment and the health of humans?


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