Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploration Three: Literacy events and opposing issues by Catelyn Millet

One literacy event that taught me something important or helped me acquire a certain skill is getting  a job at Dairy Queen. While working at Dairy Queen, I have learned to effectively communicate with my coworkers. I have learned how to make certain products by asking questions. I also realized how working in a fast food place has changed my manners and the way I speak sometimes. I notice myself being more polite when I speak to people.

One issue that I read about was evaluation. The definition of evaluation in the book, The Call To Write is, "questions about whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable. effective or ineffective, valuable or worthless," Trimbur, 59". We see evaluation in multiple aspects of our life. We see it when we compare foods, drinks, vacation spots, electronics, literature, etc. I may think that tennis shoes are better to work out in rather than street shoes such as vans or converse.

One state issue and even national that is important to me is abortion or pro choice. This issue is important to me because I believe having a child is a blessing. People differ on this issue because some people may believe that abortion is alright in the case of rape. I disagree with that because the baby did nothing wrong. It is not the baby's fault that the mom was raped. Everyone should have the chance at life. An innocent human being is literally being murdered. That baby deserves a chance just like we got our chance to live.


  1. You believe having a baby is a blessing, but just because you believe something doesn’t mean the choice itself should be limited. Sure, if you believe that a baby is a gift then you have that right to choose not to get an abortion, but what about somebody who doesn’t share your beliefs? Isn’t one of the greatest parts about the United States of America freedom of choice? Shouldn’t we be allowed to choose what happens to our life?

  2. I agree with you to an extent. I do believe that if a woman is raped she should have the right to an abortion if she chooses to do so. I believe that this is only right that the woman can choose because she has already been through a traumatic enough event. I also believe that if a woman wants an abortion she can have one but, tax payers money should not pay for it unless she is raped and charges have been filed. Another reason why a women should have the right to an abortion is if she is not fit to care for the child during pregnancy. In 2012 1,300 children were born in Massachusetts addicted to some form of illegal opiates according to the Boston Globe. This number is absurd and the question becomes is it fair to these children who have no choice in the matter in when it comes to being born addicted to opiates and they have to deal with an addiction the rest of their lives?


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