Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Exploration Three: Literacy events and opposing issues

     In our lives we have mulitiple literacy events that teach us something important and help us acquire traits and skills that we can carry forward with in life. One major one that i have experienced is when  I first started running. It may sound funny when you hear running, but it taught me a valuable tool that is needed in literature. In running, you get out of it what you put into it and if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself. I have ran for 5 years now and that has a correlation with literature. because if you while reading or writing just scan the words and don't involve yourself with the piece, then you wont take out what you need to while reading.
     In literacy we find many issues that arise, but i believe that issues in substantiation are among the most pressing issues in reading and writing. We can even see in life and in the community that people need proof, people need reassurance, and people need truth. Substantiation by definition is the act of proving or providing truth to a piece of evidence. The reading audience generally wont back a piece of literature and really establish a connection to enhance their experience of the literature without having some kind of truth or evidence to really allow the reader to relate and wont find it credible, so issues of substantiation is in my opinion an imperative aspect of literacy.
     There are many issues that I deal with that im passionate about changing, keeping, protecting etc., but the current issue nonetheless that im facing statewide is Issue 3 on this November's ballot, Responsible Ohio's initiative to legalize marijuana for reactional and personal use. It infumes me for many reasons. Just for the record, I am absolutely against this bill and for many good reasons; The first being that we will in a county and even a city with such a massive drug problem and legalizing a substance of any kind while in the midst of this epidemic is just the wrong approach. I don't support legalization because whether people agree with me or not, it is still a pure fact that marijuana is more carcogenic that tobacco. I have many personal vendettas with the drug itself, but ResponsibleOhio in particular is the part that makes me grind my teeth. It is even labeled on the ballot as allowing 10 people who contributed 4 million dollars to the campaign are the 10 growers allowed to grow it. I am absolutely afraid that marijuana will turn into the big business that tobacco has become. There is a lot more detail but essentially I don't like the fact they are specifically targeting neighborhoods of color, the poor, and young children to fully maximize their enterprise and that the 10 people who donated are the ones allowed to grow, that is pure "good-ole boys system" and its not fair to the citizens of Ohio.


  1. I completely agree that if you don't read actively than you will not remember what you have read and it will be pointless to even have read it. Everything you do in reading and writing needs to be done actively in order to improve yourself and get better.

  2. I agree that legalizing marijuanna will not be beneficial to any community, anywhere. To maintain a society which is clear of the drugs such as heroine and methamphetamoine,there can not be any slacking on this war on drugs.

  3. I really agree with you, when you say that running is like reading and writing. As a runner I know to be able to be any better at it you have to work, this applies with literacy. If you don't practice you will never get better, you will never improve on what you do.
    With the legalizing of marijuana, I am completely against it because I feel like legalizing a drug like that will just make everything worse,it will make the world we live in an even worse place and it will cause so many people to do so many terrible things.

  4. I agree with you opinion but even if you don't legalize marijuana, users are still going to find a way to purchase and use the substance without the government, so if they're willing to harm their own body with that drug, you should let them. It's their body, and their choice, so no one should be able to tell them what they can and can't put into their body.

  5. I completely agree with you! Unfortunately, drug abuse hit home for me because it is among my family. I grew up here in Marion as well and it breaks my heart to see this town slip through the cracks from drug abuse. And I also agree with what you said about targeting the ethnic neighborhoods with low income and targeting children. To me that is just wrong. If it does become legal, I think there should be a lot more legislation in order to regulate the big businesses that are trying to target this demographic .

  6. I really like your connection between running and writing! It's actually a really fitting example of how you have to work hard at something if you truly want to succeed at something such as writing or running.
    I also agree with your stance on the legalization of marijuana. I believe it will just bring about more bad than good to the country and citizens.


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