Thursday, September 24, 2015

Exploration four by Mason

I want to start this first by saying that I don't necessarily agree with all that this film has to say. Don't take this as saying that the entire film is false, but I also believe there are a lot of misconceptions in this film. But after saying this, I also believe that there some facts in this film that are true. I do believe that home grown is healthier than raised on a large farm. The main factor I drew from this film is that farming has evolved and whether its for the better or worse is still in the air. I am raised from a farming heritage where both my mother and father grew up on farms so I know what farming techniques were like 40 years ago and now I work on multiple different farms getting to know the full experience of each type of farming.
A question which i took from the film is where it says that a moderate sized organic farm can feed more than any size industrial farm. I don't understand how this can be true considering that industrial
sized farms are designed specifically for the highest yields. According to Berkley, Organic farms produce 19.2% less than conventional farming. while 19.2 does not seem like a lot once it comes to a large scale which conventional farming is done on, when it comes to 1000 bushels of a crop, lets say soy beans for this example. organic farming would produce 192 less bushels than conventional, at $8.50 a bushel thats $1632. That is how much money that the farmer could have in his pocket but is wasted.

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