Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploration Three: Literacy Event Brianna Moore

A literacy event that has taught me something important is something as simple as starting college. College is a completely different environment than high school, in college you don't know anyone anyone and you most likely don't know the information that you are being taught. But being in college gives you a chance to jump into something and be the person you want to be. This taught me that you may not know the information and you may not understand what is going on, but if you work hard and persevere you can accomplish anything. You are going to mess up and you are going to fail but the people that are the strongest get back up and keep going. There are so many different essays that you are required to write in college that are different than the ones we had to write in high school. College requires us to use a different part of our brain that we are not used to using, it makes us think and it tested our ability and our minds.

Issues of Substantiation are questions of facts, definitions, and consequences. This issue makes us ask why? When Barack Obama was elected president, a lot of people questioned this and wondered why he was president and whether or not he would do a good job. There are many different types of Substantiation Issues, there is How widely are amateur and professional athletes using steroids? This questions a disputed fact. What kind of actions amount to sexual harassment? This is questioning the definition. There are many ways a person can question something, many are skeptical about many questions that they are asked daily. Sometimes we do not know the answers to these questions and we have to wonder.

 A state issue that is important to me as a young citizen would be censorship. Censorship is when the government or an authority figure prohibits someone from doing, reading, writing or saying a certain thing. This is an Issue of Evaluation because many people all over the world, wonder if it is right for people to do this and others believe that it is the right thing to do in some cases. With Censorship, it should only be used in severe cases where having whatever is being censored is putting the human race in danger. Other than that Censorship is a violation of first amendment rights.

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  1. I do believe that censorship is wrong. Through our government we are promised a freedom of speech. However I think censorship is enforced because people often misuse it and are irrational with it. There needs to be a balance from the people and the government which is why I believe this is an issue.


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