Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploration Three: Literacy Event and Opposing Issues

I learn a lot everyday from reading and writing, but a literacy event that I've experienced recently came after I read and discussed Time Magazines article, "Obama's Trip to Alaska Shows Both Sides of His Climate Change Legacy".

Here's a link to the article if you would be interested in reading it:

My major is environmental policy and decision making so  I was very intrigued by Obama's trip to Alaska. I got to share this article and my excitement towards our presidents interest in climate change with my entire environmental science class, which was a very special literacy event.

The Issues of Policy paragraph from the reading stuck out to me the most because I feel like policy effects everyone as a whole, not just individually. One of the examples the book uses is, "Must all students be required to take a first-year writing course?" So, if this were to be in question at OSU Marion, the policy established has the potential to effect all of the students as a whole.

An issue that is important to me is the conservation of all parts of the environment. There should be stronger laws protecting things like honey bees, trees, fishing, and the use of coal. Just think, in 150 years The United States will be completely out of coal. People don't realize how often they use coal for energy, almost every time you turn on a light you use coal. Coal isn't good for the environment and there is not a non ending supply of it, so shouldn't the government be focusing on more healthy ways to produce energy instead of burning up coal?

This pie-graph shows how damaging the use of coal is to the environment in 2007 and it's just getting worse.

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  1. I agree with your stance on the environment. The hard part is replacing our current energy system with a more environmentally friendly one. You have to have a smooth transition in jobs, production and policy in order for it to succeed and current renewable energy technology just isn't up for the task.


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