Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploration Three: Literacy events and opposing issues

In 8th grade one of our end of the year projects in my english class was to create a decorated journal that covered a variety of different poetry forms on each page. We were given a week and a half to go and explore all the different forms we had on this list and we had full artistic expression of what each different page of the journal could look like. This experience help me acquire a skill in poetry that may not have formed if I hadn't had to do the project. I was able to go on my own time and explore poetry, which made it a lot more fun than if it was just read off in the classroom. I was able to find out how poetry was suppose to work and how I could best express it.

Should the federal government ban late-term abortions? Hearing that question you understand you're about to enter a conversation about issues on the topic of policies. When having a conversation in a public setting you will need to be very pervasive with your views because the questions brought up will be about how we should take direction on topics that effect large groups of people as well as what we should be doing. For some this type of issue can be a difficult one to have a conversation over because its dealing with hard decisions and some questions asked will be sensitive. Whether or not you agree or disagree on the topic at hand should be determined by how well the outcome solves a problem that already exist or one that may arise in the future. Taking a stand on something is very hard, I feel that this issue more than the other is going to get you harder responses from people who disagree with you and you have to be prepared for that. I think that the government should ban late-term abortions but I am not fully pro-life. Taking that stance can create tension and easily turn a normal debate into a heated one. Ensure your side is backed with many facts, a lot of evidence, and be prepared to take on very different views.

A big issue for me as a young person especially being in the military is the possible start of another war. I'm not saying that there is some impending war looming overhead, but with all the problems happening overseas there is always a possibility. I think this an issue of policy because the government officials would have to make the decision that would change if I as well as many other could continue their schooling as normal as possible or if I would have to take possible semesters off. I know that this wasn't a forced decision that I made and that I have an obligation to my country that I would gladly fulfill if I had to, I just hope I get to finish my education. Some people may differ because they can say without thinking of the active duty, reserve, or guardsmen in school that we should go to war. I am obligated to say if something happened I would go, but as a student I want to get my degree.
The words on the backpack while the young person carries a weapon across their shoulders for me ties together the worry of war mixed with the want for an education.


  1. I agree with what you are saying when you say that another war could happen and that is something that everyone is afraid of whether or not you are in the military or not. War is something that can tear a country apart, and education is very important, it is something that helps us build as a person. It helps us decide what we want to do with our lives, and helps to build who we are. If something like a war were to take that away, we would never really know who we are as a person.

  2. I agree on what you said about abortion. Quite honestly, I don't believe the topic of abortion is black and white. Its not always that simple. Everyone's story is different.


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