Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Exploration 4 from Eli Kuntupis

While watching the movie FRESH I kept asking myself how profitable is it to do agriculture organically. After seeing them mention the company out of Kansas City, Good Nature Family Farms I did some research to see if there was any noticeable profit and I was surprised at the results. After doing the research it says that as of 2008 GNFF's meat processing plant had annual sales revenues of 3 million dollars with 6 employees and plant operations costs of 300,000 dollars.exploration  http://community-wealth.org/content/good-natured-family-farms


  1. That is really impressive! I wonder what it would be like if farms did that nationwide. It would probably have tremendous effects on our economy and the overall health of americans. That goes to show that the easy way isnt always the best way.

  2. That is amazing! The Good Nature Family Farms has it all figured out. they have no chemically infused crops which benefits everyone. Especially the Animals who eat the grass and such. I really like how Davis Ball, the owner of the supermarket who buys from Good Nature Family Farms spent 100,000$ on food from that organization which really helped them out.

  3. That is a really impressive production output considering how many employees they had, but I wonder how many subsidies and additional money they were given from the government, which aided this success. In the movie Fresh, the farmers showed us if they didn't receive money from the government, they all would have become bankrupted.


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