Thursday, September 3, 2015

Exploration Three-Jack Ryan

In my senior year of high school all graduating students had to complete and present a senior project.  We were given the freedom to choose whatever topic we wanted to learn more about.  It was around this time that the riots in Missouri  were taking place, so I decided to tackle that as my project.  As I did my research  my project evolved in to more then just the riots but it became a way for me to defend what I want to do and become.
  What I think I gained the most out of was the interview that I conducted with a Sheriff Deputy.  We talked for well over an hour and I learned so much form him.  He reminded why I wanted to become a Police Officer and gave me new ways to look at situations, along with advice for my future.  Its now only a year later that I realize that I want to be like him.  He gave something to aspire for and I thank him for that.

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