Thursday, September 24, 2015

Exploration 4 From Travis Baum

In the movie "Fresh" there were many things that stuck out to me, but the one thing that stuck with me most is that most foods in almost every store is processed foods. This stud with me because it is known that processed foods contain a lot of ingredients that are really not healthy for you. I believe that americans are not educated enough on processed food and genetically modified organisms. "Processed foods make up 70 % of americans diets" (Melanie Warner) I believe that this statistic is so large because like they said in the movie "Local organic food costs more and they are worth more too". Stores in america are buying processed foods because they are not as expensive and due to that americans see a lot more processed foods than organic foods in stores. If people would learn how to grow their own food i believe this whole problem would go away And americans would be living a happier, healthier, and better lifestyle.


  1. It amazes me that most people still buy and eat the processed food that is served and sold to us. But there is nothing that we can really do because there aren't many options. Also organic food is more expensive so that is also a big turn off. So I believe the idea of buying organic is a great idea but it isn't very realistic right now due to price and availability.

  2. I agree that if people learned to grow their own food, this problem would go away, but I don't think it's realistic that everyone is going to be able to grow their own food efficiently, thus this may lessen the main problem, but it may create many smaller ones.

  3. While watching the film I started to realize so much of our food is processed food. I tried to think of how I could switch from processed foods to non processed organic foods but kept realizing that even at local grocery stores the access is hard to get healthy foods sadly for many americans.


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