Thursday, September 24, 2015

Exploration four by Darrin Warwick

     I think what stood out to me the most was how industrial farming causes more problems than it solves yet they continue to do it.  The film showed farmers who do organic farming and they raise animals with no antibiotics or hormones.  This is working for them and Russ Kremer said that medium sized organic farms are better than industrial farms.  He also made a great point about they are not farming animals they are farming grass and if you take care of the grass the grass will take care of the animals.  I think if I was reviewing this film I would focus on the positives of organic farming and what industrial farming does to you and nature.  The strengths of this film in my opinion is it sheds light on how farming in America can be better and that we need to change it fast or we could lose a lot of production.  It also talks about the waste pools created in industrial farming and how they cant use it for fertilizer because it is to concentrated and filled with antibiotics and hormones.  This isn't good for the environment or the people around it inhaling the toxic fumes.  As for the weaknesses in this film I think it could of shown more of the negative effects of industrial farming and maybe some more solutions to converting to organic farming.  In the film they also made a point to say that industrial farming is cheaper but decreased the health benefits by forty percent that is a mind blowing number we never know what we are eating we just eat it and think its ok.
      I looked up the negative effects of industrial farming on humans and the results were not that surprising.  It talks about how waste pools leak out into rivers streams and farms causing widespread problems for animals and humans.  It also talked about how the farmers in industrial farming don't benefit much from it because they don't get paid a lot for the livestock they raise.  The effects of industrial farming can be seen all over the United States because people eat dairy and meat everyday and can be exposed to e-coli and other diseases from unchecked antibiotics.  It stated that even though we know about the negative effects the number of industrial farms continues to grow.  One of the gases put off at an industrial farm is called hydrogen sulfide and it is extremely dangerous even in low levels.  Its effects are irreversible and can cause sore throat to seizures comas and even death.  There are many more health problems such as shortness of breath, headaches, wheezing and diarrhea.  This isn't something I would want to live around or be a part of and like I stated they continue to grow.

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  1. I agree that the industrial farming style is a huge setback in our culture. The industry is doing it wrong and the techniques being used are very inhumane. With that being said, they don't care if it is healthy or not. The big companies only care about the money they are getting. The money outweighs all the issues and backlash coming from the communities. People need to see what is wrong and make a change. People like Will Allen need to step up and show the world how things can be fresh and affordable.


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