Tuesday, September 1, 2015


My name is Kiaya Divine Royster. I was born May 29th 1995, at 4:44 am. I grew up with two older half brothers but I wasn’t very close to either of them. I went to Christ the King, now All Saints Academy from pre school until 4th grade, which let me tell you is the worst time to move. All the kids are old enough to have formed their BFF’s and losing mine at the time was hard. I started attending Hamilton Township high school where I am now an alumni. I made some friends but never felt too close to anyone except Arielle Marie Gray and Hannah Morgan McGaffee. I turned 18 five days after I graduated and in that time I became a missing person/run away/adult. I lost my mind but eventually came to my senses and got back on track joining the military in November of 2014. I am now 20 and starting my freshman year of college with a lot more insight on the world is how I look at it. I have a French bulldog puppy named Abel and he keeps my hands full if I’m not doing school work.

            In the beginning chapter of a call to write, I learned that not matter where you go looking you will always find thoughts being written out. Ads, signs, posters it’s everywhere. I liked the essay “My culture at the Crossroads” the most. I feel like Powell gets his point across about his past with hip-hop and where he thinks its headed very clearly. He ties in different races and even refers to the transition of hip-hop as a “civil war”. He gets much deeper than a lot of get-back-to-your-roots papers or speeches than I’ve heard.

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