Thursday, September 24, 2015

Exploration 4 : FRESH by Alan Brophy

The most important ideas offered were the necessity of poly-cultures and that it is possible to feed the world without industrializing farming. That it may not be a fast process, but it is possible to switch from the current majority of farming to the minority of farming techniques that had been the only way to farm for centuries before now. I would focus on the farms that are poly-culture and the health of them and the food produced by them. The movie did focus this topic, yet I think, beyond the movie, this is the most important way of spreading the benefits. The movie had a plethora of strengths, and very few weaknesses. I would like to have seen more farmers, such as the chicken farmers, that did not completely support what they are doing, but could not say it out right. These farmers had pained faces when they would talk about what they were doing and the contract they had. I most relate to not being able to always afford organic foods, even though I would like to only buy them.

I wanted to know more on the ability for organic food to feed the world, and I was not disappointed. I found that the internet has a split view on the subject, but those who do not believe that organic can feed the world are normally just bloggers. Many  of the scientists behind the organic movement have facts that organic can feed the world.

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