Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploration Three: Literacy events and opposing issues by Andy Pickard

          The biggest literacy event that happened to me recently was a common one, texting. I had just found out who my roommate would be for the next year of my life. So, obviously I wanted to leave a good first impression and start the year off right. I wanted to seem likable, friendly and fun to hang out with. The first few weeks I learned quick to keep an open mind and step out of my comfort zone. Everybody has prejudice when they first meet someone, it's just human instinct. But I learned that if I kept an open mind about things I normally would have seen as bizarre then I would leave the first impression I wanted to leave. All I had to do was keep an open mind.
         The issue talked about in the book that stood out the most to me was the Issue of Evaluation. This is something we see in our everyday life, basically Issues of Evaluation determine whether or not something is effective. This is something that is a central idea in business, in order to determine if something is worth producing you have to evaluate it and determine whether or not it will sell to consumers.
          A very large controversial issue that is going on right now is medical marijuana. I am strongly for medical marijuana, and I understand that saying this makes me seem like a pothead. But, at this point it just seems ignorant that supporting a leaf with known medical benefits makes me seem like a delinquent. Regardless of it being proven that marijuana can help kill cancer cells, it is still illegal. It frustrates me knowing that the negative view of marijuana is currently influencing peoples ideas about medical marijuana than actual facts and research.


  1. I also agree that its unfortunate that people are judged negatively about taking a certain side in this matter.

  2. I agree you should keep an open mind when meeting new people, and since you've already taken the iniative to, you and your roommates will probably become close friends.

  3. I like your point about that people continue to ignore advancements, especially in the medical area, that further prove that marijuana should be legalized. Unfortunately, most individuals who disagree with marijuana being legalized have already made their stance on the situation, and aren't exactly open to the idea of legalizing something that was once illegal. But hey, Alcohol was illegal during the prohibition period, and we see how that turned out.

  4. I agree with your stance on medical marijuana and the ignorance surrounding it. It reminds me of the gay rights issue when people refused to realize love is love. In the medical marijuana sense, a cure is a cure.


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