Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Exploration Four: Fresh Response Brianna Moore

The most important important ideas and evidence offered in the documentary Fresh was how much farming has changed. Years ago farming wasn't about using pesticides and hormones to grow the crops better and faster, but it was about the quality of the crop or animal. The farming system today is controlled by two companies that monopolize the farming industry, they sell the farmers the seeds, fertilizers, and then buy the crop back to make it into high fructose syrup products, and then eventually getting to feed lots and the cycle just keeps repeating again and again. It really surprised me that 70% of U.S. farming land used for row crops (corn, wheat, barley) goes to feeding cattle. Only 30% of that goes to pigs, poultry, and people. That is really crazy that cows get more of the products than actual humans do! 

  If I were to review the documentary Fresh I would focus on how well they backed up all of their facts and opinions that the director had in this documentary. I would also focus on how well they got their point across, because without a clear point a documentary is useless. In Fresh they talk about mono cultures a lot and how they are destroying farming today, and how "Nature doesn't like mono cultures. Sooner or later she will destroy them."

The strengths in the film would be how well they told the story through different people and how each person told us something different. But in the end each person's story still had a similar story in the end. The weaknesses of the film would be that they didn't clarify enough which person was who. topic that I decided to research was Antibiotic Overflow, is it harmful or not? I found that it is actually very harmful because all of the manure and waste that the animal is producing and releasing is creating a massive waste lagoon. This is releasing chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane. For people who live near these farms, breathing in even small levels of hydrogen sulfide, the effects of breathing this chemical in is irreversible and include anything from a sore throat to seizures, a coma or even death. This is pretty much saying how harmful these chemicals that we are releasing into the world actually is.

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  1. I read and posted the same article very informative on the destruction of the land and environment from industrial farming. I would of never thought about any of this without the movie which blows my mind because we all eat and never once did I think about where my food came from.


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