Thursday, September 3, 2015

Exploration Three: Literacy events and opposing issues from chas jones

     A recent literacy event that taught me something important was last year when I wrote my senior essay to apply to colleges. I really learned how to write for an audience doing this. I had to learn how to please my audience while also still being myself. This was difficult for me because I never really had to write an essay all about me or something that happened to me in my life. Most high school essays were my opinion on a book or a film but never about me directly. Just choosing a topic was difficult for me because I had to choose a life event of mine that could fit on one page. So I also learned how to be precise and concise with the points I was trying to get across. So I needed to learn how to be detailed in small spaces. Both of the writing skills that I acquired while writing my senior essay are good skills to have. They will help keep the people I am talking to entertained and interested in what I am talking about.
      The definition for issues of substantiation are questions of disputed facts, definitions, causes, and consequences. An example is someone says that Barrack Obama is the worst president in history. This leads us to question why someone would say that. What are the cause and affects of some of his decisions? What are his approval ratings? Has the unemployment percentage gone up or down? Issue of substantiation is just a fact or opinion that a person finds to be untrue or questions how it happened and why it happened.

      A state issue that is important to me as a young citizen is tuition increase, since I am a freshman in college. We all know that over the past three decades the price of college has increased rapidly and there is seemingly no end to tuition prices increasing in sight. State budget decreases have mandated more rapid tuition increases over the past few years and these tuition increases will have consequences for college students. says that due to the increase in tuition there has been decreased enrollment, slower graduation times, academic affects and a increase in the number of drop outs, I am not only scared about increase in tuition for my sake but also for my kids and my grand kids.
College students are going to have to break the piggy bank


  1. I think the majority of us can agree with tuition cost. Cost was what almost kept me from going to college, luckily I found Marion and that saved me a lot of debt

  2. That is a huge issue for our generation because like you said, it doesn't only effect us, but it effect our kids and grandkids. Colleges can keep raising the tuition and students will have to pay it if they want that college degree. A college degree is as important as it has ever been in the past decade. This is an issue that needs more attention because it effects the country as much if not more than most issues discussed.

  3. I completely agree that something needs to be done about the rising tuition prices. It is only going to hurt the economy in the long run and make it so rich people are guaranteed entry to a college while poorer people have to struggle to obtain scholarships, or get a loan and be in debt for the rest of their lives.

  4. I agree completely about tuition increase being a problem. So many students struggle to pay for college, myself being one of them. My freshman year, I went to Muskingum University which is a private school. The tuition there was $33,000 for the year, which was crazy. I don't think college should be that expensive. The government "helps" by giving loans, but that isn't really help at all. I know I will come out of college with probably $50-$60 thousand in student loans which I will be paying off for pretty much the rest of my life. I don't see that as "help" rather than extending the problem.

  5. I also agree that something needs to be done about the increase in college tuition. It is not fair to us and if it continues to rise, it is not going to be fair for our future generations. I do not think that we deserve to deal with this rapid increase. It effects multiple aspects in our life, how much we work, how many hours we take at school, ect.

  6. I agree with you about the tuition increases. We lose so much money as students. Paying for college, cost of living, and then being in school limits us with job opportunities, if we can even handle working while handling the school workload. It almost seems as though the people that are deciding to advance themselves in life are being penalized with atrocious amounts of debt.


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