Thursday, September 24, 2015

Exploration Two by Elizabeth

      My name is Elizabeth Scott and I am a junior. I have lived here in Marion my entire life and I went to Harding for high school. I played basketball for two years and volleyball for all four years and also was involved in numerous clubs Harding offered. My freshman year of college I went to Muskingum University in New Concord, OH. As much as people complain about Marion being boring, New Concord is in the middle of no where so there was never anything to do and I did not like it there. I decided the summer after my freshman year that I was going to transfer to OSUM. Currently, I am taking half of my classes here in Marion and the other half on main campus. I'm majoring in pharmaceutical science. I'm also considering adding a minor in exercise science or something else fitness related. One fun fact about me is that I want to be a pharmacist and also own my own gym one day. I absolutely love to work out and help others get motivated to work out. I have sort of trained some of my friends and got them into working out as well and I love the feeling of helping people feel better about themselves. My current goal is to get certified to be a personal trainer over next summer so I can get a job somewhere as a trainer. Eventually I would like to open my own gym somewhere in Columbus where people can get a membership and come work out any time they want.
      When I read the narrative by Frederick Douglass, one thing that really stuck out to me was his attitude. Instead of writing with a negative tone about the particular experience, he wrote with a sense of determination and pride. His owner would not let him learn to read and write, but he did not let that stop him. He learned to read and write and it gave him a sense of power. As a slave, he probably could not express his opinions very much and writing allowed him to do so. Reading and writing are essential because they allow someone to learn and become educated. it also gives someone the ability to express themselves. The different things people go through or impact the way they write. For Douglass, his experience as a slave and the fact that he overcame the oppression against him resulted in him expressing himself in words with a sense of  pride.

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