Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Research writing exercise - Eli Kuntupis

The event I chose to research was about Jane Fonda and 'Hanoi Jane' controversy. The controversy revolves around a famous actress named Jane Fonda. Fonda was in many well known movies and was a very popular figure in the 70's era and still is today. In 1972 Fonda decided to make a trip to Vietnam for 2 weeks. This already seems to be a sketchy idea but to add on top of it she was going to visit the enemy's side, The Viet Cong. Fonda visit a region of Vietnam called Hanoi and met with many of the people fighting against the Americans. Many pictures were taken and all of which showed her having a great time with those that were killing the lives of thousands of Americans. She visit POW camps and many villages, and upon her arrival back to the United States she claimed that the POW's were being treated and great and were being hypocrites. Many Americans viewed what she had done as an act of treason. To this day many people still do not respect her because of her choices and some consider her aiding and abetting to the enemy side that was against the United States.
(Fonda applauding an anti aircraft gun used to take down American aircrafts and kill many Americans)


  1. I understand how celebrities get caught in a lot of situations that portray false intentions but this seems very intentional. She acts as though the Vietcong are not a threat and is like proud to share to other Americans upon her return that the South Vietnamese are treating POWs well. This doesn't seem like she is very sympathetic of the American soldiers that were captured.

  2. At the time, I feel like she probably meant it in an innocent manner. However, when you are a celebrity you have to be very careful with what you do and say. As an American during this time I think that I wouldn't have been very happy with her actions either. I feel that she was being naive and did not think about the consequences of her actions and how it impacted the war situation.

  3. During this time Jane Fonda was an extremely popular figure in American culture. Also during this time people were protesting against the war but when Jane Fonda went to northern Vietnam she crossed the line because even though people were against the war they still believed that America was great. If I were an American during this time it would be extremely hard for me to like Jane Fonda because I would feel as if she was a traitor even if it was an innocent mistake.


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