Monday, October 5, 2015

Exploration 5- Mason DeJarnette

For my review I chose the blog post titled "What Does Your Work Truck Say About You". While reading this I couldn't help but laugh, not only because its funny but because I related to this 100%. I am a full size truck owner myself and never had a second thought about it. I use my truck for mostly daily driving and get 16 mpg on the best days. I also use my truck for hunting and hauling my 19 foot boat which weighs about 2000 pounds. My truck is a stock sized silverado but for the purposes I use it for, this blog made me realize it is way more than I need. The term "smiles per gallon" is a very true statement when it comes to trucks.  Since I have a truck, I fully connected with this blog. While reading this article, I came to realizations that having such a large truck as a college kid and driving a 60+ mile round trip every day is stupid.

The main ideas which he went over in the blog is that unless you are using a truck for hauling large loads everyday to make money you are just wasting money. He was very about staying on a small scale and going overboard on a truck which will only cost you money in fuel and maintenance. He also stressed that you also need to choose the right tool for the job. I have a 1500 series Chevy Silverado which is the smallest of the full sized trucks on the market. This made me realize that the only time I truly need this much truck is when towing the boat. In conclusion, he pretty much says that if you drive a truck just for daily driving that your an idiot.

A website which i frequent is, although this website will not pertain to many of your interests. I am a big time hunter and love to learn new things about whitetails every chance I can get.


  1. I too can relate to the predicament of owning a poor fuel efficient vehicle. I drive a jeep wrangler and find myself constantly at a gas station. This article would be interesting for me to read because I'm interested to see the money you'd save from switching cars, although i love my jeep and i don't think id be willing to step away from it even though it is a pain financially.

  2. I love your sense of humor about something so personal to you Mason! I drive a truck myself and it is extremely funny to see that things he was blogging about in this post. I think he makes a very good point about the quality owning a truck really is unless you are using it for its given purposes such as carrying huge loads of material, but i love my Chevy Silverado :)

  3. It was great to discuss everything with you during class today! The article you analyzed on Mr. Money Mustache about Trucks made me laugh. Your comment about how you didn't care if owning a truck doesn't make sense, it's still fun really made me laugh. I can tell you really love your truck and Mr. Money Mustache did not convince you to sell it and purchase a mini van anytime soon!
    I don't think that I plan on using Midwest Whitetail anytime soon since I don't hunt but maybe in the future to gain knowledge on parts of the environment and things like that for my major! (Environmental Policy)
    I love that our group agreed that the Turkle article was completely correct and our generation needs to stop using our phones like we do. We only need them for their purpose, we don't need to be involved with everyone all of the time!


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