Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Exploration 5 by Brady Hagman

Safety is an Expensive Illusion

A strength i noticed in Mr. Money Mustache's blog was how he can bring up all of these counterpoints. He is talking about how people tell him all these scary things that can happen to him because he takes a lot of risks in his life. The thing Mr. Money Mustache takes from all of this is a great blog about safety and the illusion of danger. For example, he loves to drive small cars because of the gas efficiency, easy parking, and better handling. Many of his readers have told him that driving small cars is unsafe because if he were to get in a crash, his car would be damaged severely and his life would be in jeopardy. The best part is how he goes straight to math and finds out the exact odds of this horrible crash happening. The odds are 7000/100,000,000. This crash his readers speak of is so rare it is pointless to even consider it. If you enjoy driving small cars than drive small cars. In the long run, all the benefits will outweigh the small disadvantage. Using these numbers is a great way to prove a point because numbers don't lie. It is a very useful argument because none of it is wrong.

The main point of this blog is about risk and rewards. His idea is that if the rewards are greater than the risks, than it is worth the risk. Life is too short to be worrying about these small chances of danger. People need to stop finding everything negative and scary in things and find the positives.

A great educational website to use is reddit.com. It is basically a vault or a safe, that has everything from the internet locked inside. It has great sub-reddits for educational purposes such as https://www.reddit.com/r/science/? for people wanting to learn more about science. People from all over the world can share new information that they found useful to the public.


  1. I too thought it was a good tactic for Mister Money Mustache to refute something that sounds frightening (the risk of getting into a car crash) by using statistics. Providing the actual odds of getting into a car crash really helped strengthened his argument because it countered that emotional response using logic. Often, when we make decisions, it's hard to put aside our emotions. This post can help potential car buyers make a more objective decision when considering what kind of car to buy.

  2. I agree with you about Mr. Money Mustache. He does always bring up the counter points and he always lets the reader make their own decisions. In so many self help websites that I have seen in the past the writers makes you feel as if you do not do something there way than it is wrong and your way will never work. Now for me personally I like to drive a bigger car because it does make me feel safer and I feel even if I am hit I will be okay (which I know is not always true) but I do feel though as if I have more metal around me that I am safer.

  3. Truly fascinating, I fundamentally agree with MMM because people shouldn't have to decide whether the risk or potential to fail will be the deciding factor in something very rewarding. Im running for public office at the age of 19, but the rewards will be endless. He makes great valid points


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