Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Research Writing Exercise: Brandon Smith

     The Tet offensive is called this because the attack took place on a Buddhist holiday known as Tet. Most of the major areas in South Vietnam were attacked by tens of thousands of Vietcong troops that came out from hiding all at once. The American embassy known as Saigon was also attacked during this catastrophic event. The embassy was thought to be the most enforced area in South Vietnam and most thought it could not be overtaken. This attack started on January 30, 1968 with a small number of attacks and then the large portion of the attacks took place the next morning. The Vietcong death toll was very large but the attack was still considered a success because it caused the U.S. people to have more dislike in the war effort. This was the start of a long dwindling process that was the U.S. pulling out of Vietnam. The goal of the Tet offensive were to cause rebellion with the south vietnamese people. The goal of the attack did not end up as planned but ultimately it turned out to be a win for the Vietcong anyways. After the attack General Westmoreland wanted to have more troops sent to Vietnam to help with the war effort but the citizens and the president didn't agree with this. They didn't find it reasonable to send so many troops to Vietnam with what they thought was not a winnable war. The people were protesting and the U.S. Protested more than ever after the Tet offensive. This attack was thought by many to be the turning point of the war in Vietnam. The Tet offensive was arguably the biggest battle in the war.


The Tet Offensive major attack locations

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