Monday, October 5, 2015


The article I read on Mr. Money Mustache gave 50 examples that can potentially produce an income of over $50,000 a year without a college degree.  I really enjoyed the article because it was interesting to see what kind of job you can get right out of high school without any student loans or strings attached. It did not convince me to drop out of college and try to become wealthy though. Most of the jobs sounded really unreliable and like things I'm of doing. For example, there is no way you'll catch me dead doing carpentry or plumbing work, it's just not my thing,. Mr. Money Mustache listed other things that did not require much physical labor but did require a lot of creativity, such as a Techno Music Composer or a Passive Income Guru. Both of those options still seem silly and almost impossible to me, but it would super cool to see someone prove me wrong. Right now, I'd just like to stay in school and receive a degree and hope it gets me somewhere.
You can see the full list of jobs here:

The website I find myself using a lot is My major is Environmental Policy so that might be part of the reason, but there is also a lot of cool stuff on there that I can everybody would like. You can find anything and everything on there, videos, photos, articles, quizzes, anything your heart desires. Anything and everything that has to do with the Natural Environment is on Nat Geo!

Nat Geo shares a picture everyday with it's viewers. This is from today's Picture of the Day.


Photograph by Tugo Cheng
In the northern slopes of the Tian Shan Mountains in China, a river carves its way through a canyon. The Earth’s rocky layers are eroded by wind and water and exposed, transforming the landscape into these colorful terraces."


  1. I think its interesting what article you chose. I like it because it got my interest being a college student i was curious what careers i could get involved in without having to pay an enormous amount back in student loans.

  2. I do love the fact that it is a possibility to be able to choose a career which you want and also have the possibility of making $50000 without the debt which college will give you. Although some of these jobs I can see being feesible, but with some of the jobs like a techno music composer, I do not see how someone can make money off of that.


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