Sunday, October 4, 2015

Exploration Five: Chas Jones

     The article I picked from Mr. Money Mustache is "How to Fix a Car". This article was posted in July of 2013. Here is the link . The article starts by Mr. Money Mustache telling a story about how his Honda minivan needed car repair. The back left tire began to make an odd humming noise and he figured that it was just the tire wearing out and this was right before he made a 1500 mile trip to Canada. Once he got to Canada he bought new tires but the humming noise was still there. He then proceeds to talk about most people would just take the car to a repair shop and get a ridiculous bill but he tells us how to avoid that. Step one is describe the symptoms and search them on Google. Step two go to YouTube and search what you want to learn. Step three look up the part that you need. Step four is to buy the part that you need. Step five is to acquire any tools that are needed. Step six is to "go for it" and begin to fix the car. His final note to the audience is to be patient. "There are always hiccups when you do things for the first time. We did well with disassembly, but had a hell of a time putting the new hub on." I believe this is a good tip for most things in life.

   The strengths of this article are obviously the steps that he gives the audience because it is a how to article. He makes it seem simple with the wording and doesn't bombard the reader with to many steps. Another strength is how easy of a read the article is. It isn't very long and the steps are clearly labeled for the reader. A weakness that this essay has is grabbing the readers attention in the opening paragraphs. It is a little boring in the beginning when he is telling us about his story about his car needing maintenance. One way that he makes it bearable is his use of swear words that lighten the mood.

    I agree with the steps given in this article. I tested the steps with the problem my car was having a while ago. My car would make a rattling noise whenever I would back up and I took it the a car shop the problem was the muffler was worn out and needed to be replaced. Sure enough when I used Mr. Money Mustaches steps that is what came up in the search that I made.

     The website that I personally use for educational purposes is . The reason I use this website is because it has national news that I personally think that I should know. I also like the unbiased approach that the articles have. This website is also very easy to use due to the nicely organized display. Not only do they have fox news, they also have fox business which is very useful for me because I invest in stocks. Fox business gives recent news and helpful tips for the stock market.
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  1. I think the quote you took away from the article about "There are always hiccups when you do things for the first time", is very true but also provides reassurance for readers trying to follow Mr. Money Mustache's steps that he provides in this article. He tells us it can't hurt to try to learn to fix our car problems by ourselves, it can only help and if you don't succeed at first, keep trying. I also think it's really neat that you invest in the stock market! that's not something that most people our age do.

  2. I also liked the quote, "There are always hiccups when you do things for the first time." This quote not only applies to this article but can also apply to other tasks, such as riding a bike for the first time or learning to drive. We are not all pros when we first start these tasks but over time we get better at them.


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