Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Exploration 6- Mason DeJarnette

The story which meant the most to me would be On the Rainy River. The reason this chapter meant so much to me is because if I was to placed in a situation such as the draft, I feel I would respond to the situation much like Tim does. I would have the same idea of running to Canada to evade the draft, but at the same time I would feel like a coward for running from my fears. Much like Tim did when he was on the river in the boat with Elroy, when he was just yards away from the Canadian border and started crying his eyes out because he was afraid of how people would think of him, if he would to ever return home from Canada.
I believe that I connect best with the narrator, Tim thus far. I believe this because he did not want to originally go to war, but because he was drafted he had to go. I feel like I would feel the same way if I was put into the situation such as the draft. I believe that Tim is the more modest guy in the group, not wanting to cause any trouble and is not affected by the war as bad as some of the other guys are.

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