Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Exploration 5: Kourtney Pugh

     The article from Mr. Money Mustache was Soldier of Luxury. In the beginning of the article he uses strong imagery. I like this a lot because he build this nice, picture perfect and almost whimsical scene for the reader. Also, The imagine of the science fiction film Avatar adds to the whimsical imagery he used. The only disadvantage to the overuse of imagery is that you can tell that he is leading up to something. So after a while I became impatient and wanted to know what the article was actually about. The main message of this article is that we live the life as a "soldier of luxury". By soldier of luxury he means someone that is physically strong enough to provide for themselves, having an environment with safe food and water and having a nice warm "luxury" shelter. He's pointing out that we have everything we need to live healthy, successfully lives right in front of us but unlike a soldier we let little obstacles get in our way. Not only do we let obstacles get in our way we confuse needs with wants and vice-versa. When I was first reading this I didn't agree with it all because I immediately thought of the simple luxury items that make me happy, like a nice fluffy pillow and blanket at night for bed. Although there are plenty of luxury items that I don't nessicarily need they make me more comfortable and therefore happier. I disagree with him because those items are a choice, and I'm sure if we decided to go back to the basics we would enjoy the simpler things in life but that's just not practical. Also, we have become so accustom to these luxury items that once they are gone we most likely will not be as comfortable.

The Electron Neutrino

     The website that personally like and sometimes use is Time.com. I also enjoy reading there magazines and would recommend 'Why We Sleep' but the article I found interesting was 'Scientists Win Nobel Prize in Physics for Neutrino Discovery". I enjoy this magazine/website because I enjoy reading about new advancements in the field of medicine/science. Its well worth the time spent because everyone should at least have a small amount of knowledge about the science of things and the medicine around them. http://time.com/4062490/nobel-prize-physics-neutrino-research/?xid=homepage

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