Monday, October 5, 2015

Exploration Five from Natalee Christman

     The article that I read from Mr. Money Mustache was The 100% Off Black Friday Sale. I chose this article for two reasons one, was because I enjoy shopping and the second was because I love the Holiday season. The article opens up talking about how the retailers want to just take the shoppers money and how people should not be spending money especially when they are off work during the Holiday season. As the article goes on it begins to talk about traditions that the Mr. Money Mustache Family participates in. Mr. Money's Family believes "A simpler Christmas is a Grander Christmas" and the family does not buy a simple gift.  Mr. Money makes sure his readers know in this article that it is not necessary to buy gifts to have a traditional Christmas. He also goes into detail on some of his family's traditions that they do not only around the holidays but also events they do all year round to save money. The strength of this article is that it shows people that they can do fun activities with their families that do not cost anything and this is helpful because there are too many people in this country who go into severe debt by over spending. The weakness of this article is it is giving very radical ideas for Christmas. I know in my family it has become an expectation that we give gifts to each other as I know it is this way in most families. Mr. Money Mustache says to stop giving gifts all together that were bought, I know that this is something my family would struggle with because I know my mom would rather have something she wanted and not a painting I made that she has no use for. The painting might have more special meaning but the cook book I give her would be useful. Overall this article is insightful for somebody who is looking for a way to not spend a dime during the Holiday season
     A channel that I have used in the past is markcrilley and he does tutorials on how to draw all different things. I used this channel in the past because I took a drawing class in high school and I was not very good at drawing. I still use it today because I enjoy drawing now, thanks to this channel, and it could help me in the future if I ever take another drawing class.


  1. I can relate to your Mr. Money Mustache blog post. My family gets together every year for a big christmas party and we used to play this game where everyone gets one person a gift. It was a challenge to find a gift for someone that i haven't seen since the last christmas party. Eventually we decided to stop the little christmas gift game because it took away from being with each other for the sole reason of being together. I use to look forward to getting gifts instead of being with my family. It may be hard to see the truth in it because everyone loves getting gifts, but because i have a real life example of it, i can relate to it.

  2. I'm actually taking Art 2100 (Beginning Drawing) at the moment, so your recommendation of Markcrilley's channel is very useful to me.


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