Monday, October 5, 2015

Exploration 5 by Jared Gandelot

The Mr. Money Mustache article I chose is Aquaponics- the Automated Ubergarden of the Future. The article mostly talks about how good of an investment an aquaponics system is compared to buying the food the system produces. The majority of the article is actually a copy of an article by Jeremiah Robinson titled High-Tech Gardening and the Kick-Ass ROI. Jeremiah is a reader of the MMM blog and they collaborated to create this article. Jeremiah gives some history of aquaponics and discusses it's ability to work in many diverse regions. Then he discusses the math behind it; how much they cost verses how much you get out of them aka the Return On Investment(ROI). He also talks about the labor involved (which is minimal) and the learning curve of getting your system to be productive. Jeremiah warns against going large scale, discussing the difficulty to earn a profit and get organic certification.
The article is strong overall breaking down each part of the topic and providing evidence to backup what he is saying. One weakness is the number of links in the article, overwhelming what he is trying to say at times. I strongly agree with the article, having done research into the topic before and wanting to build a system myself. I found the article useful, explaining the financial benefits of investing in an aquaponics system.

One website I think is educational and is worth checking out is It is a website dedicated to the collection of educational videos on just about every topic from across the internet.
Its like YouTube but with hand picked educational videos, in fact most of the videos are from YouTube. I like it because of diversity and quality of the videos, not having to deal with junk videos is amazing and allows you to stay happy while learning a lot.
Here's the link: , I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Here's a screenshot of one the many collections of videos.


  1. I agree that aquaponics would be very beneficial if we used it more. The thing that is unfortunate about it is that will not produce a good profit. I think that if we found some type of way to increase the profit this method could be more widespread. Applying this could also help us with bettering our agriculture.

  2. Aquaponics is going to be increasingly useful and important the more advanced our technology gets with agriculture. The benefits of aquaponics are unlimited and our discussion of the practicality of it made me want to go out and created my own farm!


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