Monday, October 5, 2015

Exploration Five: By Darrin Warwick

      The main point of this article is to show you there are other ways to haul your things when moving especially if it is a relatively close distance.  Mr. Money Mustache is talking about moving from his old house into a new one that is about three miles away and instead of using his gas hog mini van he decides to buy a bike trailer.  Though it cost him seven hundred ninety six dollars for the trailer he saved on gas from driving back and forth a few miles away.  He explains in detail about the things he was moving like a stove and his gas barbeque grill and how easy it was to get from his old house to the new one.  For things that are smaller he suggested using a piece of plywood to line the bottom of the trailer so it had support.
      I think this is a really well done article because he explains in detail about how to be efficient when moving your things from place to place.  There is a section where he is talking about the way the hitch hooks up to the bike and how much of a pain it is to change so he gives solutions to the problem.  He is very detailed and covers a lot of things that you might experience if you were to use this idea.  He goes as far as showing pictures of what he was doing with the hitch so it is a very good guide on how to fix it. 
      This article is very useful because he makes you think outside of the box and explore other modes of transportation.  The article gets you thinking of other ways you could move your things instead of a huge uhaul that is a gas hog and costs a lot of money.  I would of never thought of buying a bike trailer to move things its just not something you think about in your daily life I guess.  You could look up different articles that are similar to this one and possibly save a lot of money moving by doing something that isn't the everyday standard you are use to.  The pictures and in depth analysis really help make this article useful if you have a question he covers it more than likely.

     The website that I recommend checking out is this site has everything you need and more. I buy most of my school books on here its just so easy and nice to not have to spend a fortune on the schools overpriced books.  I am never on the internet so this is about the only site I ever use. 


  1. It is incredible how he is so innovative that he can think of this in order to save money. He has a great idea and most people would not even come close to thinking about this. I mean the level of thought it took and the idea in the first place is crazy. It makes sense in the long run and I would do it too if I was capable.

  2. I feel like he could make like a "how to" book with different stories like that. Or even like a "life lessons" book. I realize that is the purpose for him writing a blog but I think a book would expose and appeal to more.

  3. I agree with you when you said it makes you think outside of the box! I really wish I would've thought of some of these ideas myself after paying so much to rent U-Hauls to move from different apartments in Columbus, hopefully by the time I have to move back to Columbus he will have another idea for the longer hauls.


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