Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Exploration 5 By Travis Baum

The article i read is titled "What I'm teaching my son about money", I decided to read this article because my dad himself always tries to give me advice about financial things all the time and i kind of just listen then forget. I understand now why my father is so repetitive about sharing his thoughts about how to save money and become wealthy. In the article it says "If my boy eventually ends up as happy with his lot in life as his parents are, we will be more than satisfied." Thats the part that really stuck out to me because it made me realize that my dad is just trying to make me live a comfortable and stressless life. Parents are always teaching their kids lessons in life through their own experiences, even if the kids kind of just brush off the advice i believe that at some point in the future it will all hit us and we will realize how much of our parents advice we actually do retain.

The strengths of this article are how as parents they just strive to pass down their happiness to their children because thats what they believe their role as parents is and i agree. Another strength is how he believes that getting a good education and graduating is not the only way you can become successful. He talks about how working as a young boy and saving up money can help you tremendously in the future. I myself believe that getting an education is not the only way to make money. There are examples everywhere of people who didn't go to college and are extremely successful. I believe you just have to have the right motivation and dedication to do so.

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