Saturday, October 3, 2015

Exploration Five- Brianna Moore

For my exploration five I chose the blog post It's Winter...Get Out and Enjoy It! The main thesis of this blog was, instead of sitting inside your warm and cozy home you should go for a walk sometimes and enjoy the cool, crisp air. In this blog Mr. Money Mustache talked about how he would go out at night and just walk, sometimes run and if he felt daring sprint! With this walk he was able to clear all of the stressful thoughts and just enjoy the moon and stars. With winter we experience inconvenience because it gets cold and we no longer want to ride our bikes or walk anywhere because it is too cold. One thing that he did that I thought was interesting was that he said "You step outside and suddenly your world expands dramatically. There is a black sky far above." He then goes to talk about how it looks like the moon is directly above you, but actually it is moving around the planet. His strengths in this blog post is that he believes in it so strongly that it shows in his writing, and he also gives a lot of personal explanations to explain his main thesis. His weaknesses would be that he uses some of the same words over and over but that might be part of what he does. I personally do not agree with what he is saying because even if you do not go outside during the winter, that doesn't mean that you can't be active. All last winter I was running on a treadmill almost everyday, even though I did not like it at all, I was still being active even though I was not going outside. This was useful because it made me think that even though I don't like the winter that it wouldn't kill me to take a walk in the cold, crisp air sometimes. It also proved that once it starts to get cold most people trade out their exercising for a blanket and Netflix instead of staying active throughout the whole winter.  

If any of you are like me and sometimes you don't understand everything that your professor or teacher is teaching you at the time. In my junior year of high school, my chemistry teacher was also the basketball he wasn't the greatest teacher in the world! To get through the class I used Tyler Dewitt's YouTube channel, he took the topics that my teacher made complicated and made them simple. It really helped me with chemistry and it still helps me today. I like to use it because he makes his videos interesting with drawings and the way he edits his videos makes me want to watch them instead of dreading them. 


  1. That is an interesting topic that I wouldnt expect from him. Its true that just being outside sometimes can free your mind. We do live in a big world and it seems like a lot of people including myself dont take advantage of the simple things it has to offer. Instead we lock ourselves in the house and watch tv.

  2. I going to argue on the side of Mr. Money Mustache, and say that treadmills are a waste of money. Why not use that money to buy some more insulated running clothes and run outside in the winter? Snow is just like sand, just imagine your running on a beach.
    Joking aside, I agree that it is important to stay active through winter and a treadmill is a viable option. Speaking from experience, running while it is snowing is worse than running in the blazing heat. I rather pass out from heat exhaustion than have my nose hairs freeze again.

  3. I'm going to have to agree with Mr. Money Mustache on this article. I do love snowboarding during the winter even though I don't like the cold, so I think if more people found outlets, and winter activities they liked, winter wouldn't go to such a waste.


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