Monday, October 5, 2015

Exploration 5 by Elizabeth

     The Mr. Money Mustache article that most interested my was "Killing you $1000 Grocery Bill." In this article, Mr. Money Mustache talked about how people spend way too much money on groceries every month. He spends less than $1.00 per meal which seems completely crazy. He talks about how he does it, and even includes a couple simple recipes that aren't expensive and offer a lot of calories for hardly any money. In the article, he breaks down some foods and how much they cost per 667 calories meal, which is one meal in a 2,000 calorie diet. I think this is one of the stronger parts of the article because it breaks it down into prices which are rather surprising. Putting numerical value on things when possible helps make your point. I think one of the weaknesses of the article, interestingly enough, comes from that same section. It is kind of confusing how he obtained the costs he wrote down. I spent a good few minutes trying to figure it out and I think it takes focus away from the point of the article and puts the focus on how he even got those costs to begin with. Overall, I think it's an excellent article. I agree with him that people spend way too much on food because I do myself. A majority of the money I spend goes towards groceries because I eat a lot, and I think any advice on how to cut the cost of buying food s extremely valuable advice.

      One of my favorite websites, and one that I use just about every day, is There are many, many things you can do on if you're interested in health and fitness or learning more about them. Just a few of the things the website offers are articles and videos on basically anything health or fitness related, a large store of supplements and clothing you can buy at cheap prices, training or workout plans, and a place for you to track your progress, whether it be weight loss, gaining weight, or just getting in shape. They offer a number of fitness plans lead by different athletes (as shown by the picture below).  I use it because I'm extremely into health and fitness and I love learning new things. It provides a place for me to track my progress, purchase supplements and clothes at really good prices, and learn things by reading articles on everything tat interests me.

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