Monday, October 5, 2015

Exploration 5: Kiaya Royster

I chose to review the post "Great News! Dog ownership is Optional!" and here is the link for it

I picked this post because the title is slightly misleading, I thought maybe I was going to have a healthy dose of animal (mostly dog) rights advocacy, on the topic of the many people around the world today that own one to way-too-many animals and do not have to actual means to take care of them. After the introduction paragraphs I was more than sure that I was incorrect on my previous thinking.
The main purpose of this article was that as of very recently people have felt it is a basic need to own a dog, they will then almost willingly throw themselves into debt to take care of the animal when all could've been avoided if you had not bought the pet at all. He goes on to talk about how as soon as you by an animal you are now missing out on things you'd like to do in life and even pushing out your retirement. As saying that dogs create a burden for other people by barking and pooping in parks. All throughout the article he points out that people aren't thinking out the whole cost it takes to support to dog through the entirety of its natural life, how people today think covering the cost for a big bag of food should be good enough, when it is not.
While Money Mustache makes a strong point, and I think it is all really how he uses his words. He almost makes you feel stupid if you do not agree, and even says his arguments are normally one sided. I feel though that is also what makes him weak, because this could turn people off. I did think that his addition of his sisters points on why having a dog at the end of the post, was a great thing. It almost soothed the blow I felt after the rest of the post made me consider if I should ever own another dog. My rebuttal for him would be babies. People have children everyday loud, screaming, pooping, messy kids who's diapers aren't as easy to clean up as dog poop and that ruin peoples day all the same. I didn't want to be one of the crazy dog people that he refers to that cannot see his valid points, and I don't think I am there yet because I recognize that dogs are an expensive and alter your life the moment you bring one home. I feel my love for dogs is not going to be easily swayed just by this article though. I did try to come from an unbiased point-of-view but how can you when this is your dog?

In the fourth paragraph Money Mustache makes a reference to "Cosmos" which sparked my interest so I actually took time to watch the episode he was speaking about. My mind was so intrigued after watching I really wanted to share it with everyone. It isn't a website but the videos are easily accessed by Netflix or on Youtube through various up loaders. I also found more information about it on the National Geographic's website where there are several feature videos. I believe these videos are very educational and worth our time because it takes concepts that may have put you to sleep in your science classes in high school, and turn them into learning cinematic adventures. He covers a variety of topics and goes in-depth with each one. They have the special effects of the Veritasium science video we watched in class, but with even more in every episode. They are all about 45 minutes long, but I hope that everyone can find one that sparks an interest. 


  1. I think it is important to think of how expensive pets are in general. Cats, dogs, and even fish are and optional cost to daily living. Most people don't consider this when getting a pet, when they often cost so much.
    I like the Cosmos series as well and find them quite interesting.

  2. I completely agree that the title is misleading and it goes into something that you wouldn't necessarily expect. I do agree with the points that Mr. Money makes in this blog because dogs are a lot more costly than you would think. Kiaya also makes this point and goes more in depth on that. I like how you go in depth on how he makes good points but you also give your side of it too.

  3. I am not a big fan of having pets for that reason they are expensive and a lot of work to take care of. I like other peoples pets because I do not have to deal with them or pay for them. The thing I liked in your post was how you said you would compare it to babies I laughed about that because having kids its kind of true so that was an excellent example.

  4. I love dogs! I have two family dogs now and MMM does have a point that they are an incredible responsibility. There are people who I have seen own dogs and do not take care of them properly like they should. It breaks my heart because what if they had a better quality or better chance of having a longer life if they had a different home with different owners? I feel like that is something to think about. But I love my dogs so much and plan to get more when the time is right. That time being when I know I will be able to afford to take care of them the way they deserve.

  5. I agree Rachel, that was I thought the post would be about, people needing to stop going out on a limb and buying animals and not being able to really take care of them! Darrin how you feel about dogs is exactly how I feel about babies, when I read what you typed about liking other peoples dogs I laughed and thought about my favorite part about kids, and thats giving them back to their parents!


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