Thursday, October 22, 2015

Exploration Six By Darrin Warwick

     The story that has meant the most to me so far is Love because Jimmy comes back to visit him at his home in Massachusetts.  This is important to me because when I left the military I left a lot of great friends in the process.  Now that I have been out for two years you try and reconnect with those old friends and stay in touch with them.  My closest friend from the military actually lives in Ohio so I can hangout with him and stay in touch but this story reminded me that its always good to stay connected and remember the people you served with.
     I think the character I connect with the most would have to be Tim O'Brien.  The way he can tell stories and has a dark sense of humor fits me perfectly.  That's what I was known for in the military was a dark sense of humor and being able to bring people out of their moods on deployment.  There was a part at the beginning of the chapter Spin where they saw a boy with one leg and a plastic leg and they joked about somebody running out of ammo that's why he wasn't dead it was some dark humor.
     The narrative that stands out to me is in the chapter Church because he does a great job bringing to life what is going on.  As you read it you can picture them there and what is going on. I could see the Monks cleaning weapons and everyone around talking.
      The passage that I marked from the reading is about how he was describing boredom.  "You'd try to relax.  You'd uncurl your fists and let your thoughts go.  Well you'd think, this isn't so bad.  And right then you'd hear gunfire behind you and your nuts would fly up into your throat and you'd be squealing pig squeals. That kind of boredom." This impacted me because I know the feeling but it also had humor to it.  He took a serious situation and put a funny twist on it.  That's one thing they teach you in the military is to not be complacent because you never know when something might happen even though its easier to let your guard down and fall into complacency you just can't do it.  We would be having a free day in Afghanistan maybe playing football and next thing you know there is a mortar being shot into the base.  So we all know the boredom all to well.

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