Thursday, October 8, 2015

Research Essay Ho Chi Minh - Alan Brophy

Face-shot of Ho Chi Minh
     Ho Chi Minh was an Vietnamese man that was for the independence of the Vietnamese. Ho Chi Minh was born in Nguyen Sinh Cung on May 19, 1890, which is a village in central Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh wanted to bring independence to the Vietnamese from the oppression of the French by protesting for them to allow equal rights between the Vietnamese and the rules of the Vietnamese. The French did not oblige and he shortly after joined the French Communist party in 1920. For the time during both World Wars, Ho Chi Minh traveled the world and founded Hong Kong in 1930 while also visiting Brussels, Paris and Siam. When Germany defeated France in 1940, Ho Chi Minh saw an opportunity to move the Vietnamese towards Independence, since the Vietnamese were being oppressed by the French. This was the creation of the Viet Minh, or otherwise know as North Vietnam.
     Ho Chi Minh wanted to talk peace rather than fight for it as his militant followers wanted. Ho Chi Minh was elected the head of the North Vietnamese during the first Indonesian War and would give his position to Le-Duan during the Vietnam War. Ho Chi Minh was an inspiring leader that was for the independence of his country's' people. That sounds a lot like The United States, where we live in today, yet we decided to oppose him because he was communist. Ho Chi Minh and his followers were not fighting for a specific type of government, they were fighting for their independence from the rest of the world and further conquering.


  1. I think it is cool how he was a communist but he was also peaceful. There is a perception in our world that being a communist comes with violence, war, and dictatorship. In this case he was just a native man who wanted his people to be free from oppression.

  2. This trail is pretty fascinating I did not know it was all underground I remember talking about it in high school but didn't remember hearing that. Your article is pretty informative especially about what a peaceful man Ho Chi Minh was.

  3. I never really knew about Ho Chi Minh that much until now. I had always associated him with the leader of the Vietcong and the man that killed thousands of U.S. troops, but he was actually a peaceful man. I never knew this and this really helped me learn about Ho Chi Minh and who he really was.

  4. It is really cool to learn more about Ho Chi Minh because most americans just think of him as a cold blooded murderer. I can respect where he comes from because we have a similar history when it comes to being independent. He grew up under control of another country and he made his life goal to make his country independent. Even though he had to kill thousands of people, he had to do what is right for his country.

  5. This is interesting to hear because whenever I heard that name I would think of a communist dictator. This just goes to show how misperceived the Vietnam war was and still is.


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