Monday, October 5, 2015

Exploration 5 by Catelyn Millet

The article that I decided to review was "Weekend Edition: Health = Wealth. Mr. Money Mustache discusses how he overcame a topic in a magazine about the world's top billionaires. When looking at this list, he realized they all had something in common as a group, their health. They were not in good shape. Mr. Money Mustache later discusses how it is easier for the majority of us to become healthy instead of becoming a billionaire, but people still continue to spend more time focusing on money instead of their health. He tries to inspire us by showing a picture of a 74 year old woman that is a body builder. He not only talks about us becoming healthy but he puts himself in the discussion too. He explains that he just has excuses for not being healthy. Toward the end of the article, Mr. Money Mustache gives examples of what we can do to get on track of being healthier, from eating differently to just exercising when the opportunity is thrown in your face, such as walking or riding a bike instead of driving. We can save money on gas by making the choice to walk or ride a bike.
I think this article had multiple positive things about it. He grabs our attention in the beginning by talking about how the billionaires all had something in common then goes into asking his audience what life style they'd rather choose. I like how he gave examples of what changes we could make to get on track of being healthier. He does not only care about himself, but he cares about everyone. He wants everyone to experience health and happiness. I personally didn't think there were any weaknesses to this article. He did an excellent job of getting his point across to his audience.

The website that I chose is one that my dad introduced me to. It is called travelmath. Travelmath is a trip calculator. You can calculate flight or driving distances. You can also see if it is better to drive or fly to a certain place. There is also a currency converter. These are just few of the many things you can do on travelmath. It's a good website to use especially when traveling.

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  1. I thought that was really cool about the 74 year old woman that's a body builder, that is not the typical description of a person that we connect with body building. Also, as you said, Mr. Money Mustache really connects to readers when he puts himself in the article by providing examples from his own life. I also am really interested in trying the website you mentioned, it's sounds really interesting to be able to just compare driving distances versus flying distances.


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