Sunday, October 4, 2015

Exploration 5- Jireh White

The main purpose of Mr. Money Mustache's blog post "How to Make Money Buy Happiness" was to explain the reasons behind why we buy the things that we do. He came to the conclusion that everything that we do in life, including spending money is to promote our own happiness. Mr. Money Mustache talked about how the material things that we buy have little to no value if they don't make us happy or give us a good feeling. He also addresses the issue of how people with high incomes even have financial worries. This ties into the fact "that people with money in the bank (or its more Mustachian form of productive, growing investments) receive much more happiness from it than people with the more fleeting pleasures of a high income or high levels of consumption of stuff or experiences (Mr.Money Mustache, 2014)". He explains that the reason for this happiness is that having money keeps you at peace and prevents you from worrying or being financially stressed. Therefore, his biggest argument is to keep your money and avoid spending it on unnecessary objects because it the best way to contribute to your well being.

In my opinion, this blog post lacks statistical evidence on the ideas of why we buy things. I think statistics would greatly improve his argument and would show the percentage of people that can relate to what we know is true. The points highlighted in this post are strengths because I thin most people could relate to it in some way. I also liked the fact that he uses his own life example of a bigger, more expensive house didn't make him feel happier than the smaller home he was moving to. I especially agree with him when he says "The dollars bring peace, because they eliminate the worry of not having enough of them (Mr. Money Mustache, 2014)". This quote reminded me of a saying by Kanye West that says "having money is not everything, not having it is". Overall, I found this article useful because when I think about it, I tend to be more comfortable when I know that I have money to fall back on. The concept of this post challenges me to save more and spend less

The video that I chose is called Early Bird vs Night Owls made by a Youtube channel called AsapSCIENCE. I liked this video because I think it is very educational as well as entertaining. It also gives us good insight to actions of the brain and how our sleep patterns are influenced by genetics. In my opinion, this is valid for us because as college students, sometimes we don't sleep like we should. The sleep deprivation that our age group has can also have a negative effect on our grades and socialization. It shows similarities and differences between the two and how it impacts us in daily life.

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  1. Being in your group, I remember the importance of how money can buy you things that will make you happy, but it won't directly make you happy. The important thing is that the money you will save will make you more happy in the long run than the money you will spend. We discussed this and reading your post I couldn't agree more.


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